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Saturday, August 6, 2016

How India Eats இந்தியா சைவ நாடு அல்ல, அசைவர்களால் நிறைந்த நாடு!

Only in 4 states of India majority eating habit is vegetarian. In all other states meaterians forms the majority, that includes densely populated states. Why should then India be identified with only vegetarian food habits?
Beef is eaten by a large amount of people irrespective of religious identity. Why should then beef be banned in any parts of India? Why should the animal considered as holy by a very few be holy for anyone else? In the pretext of cow worship hatred takes centre stage in this escalating cruel bloody crimes perpetrated by the RSS connected criminal thugs. Cow terrorism is purposely being promoted by the hindutva forces against Dalit people, backward castes, Muslims and Christians.