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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mummies - Tjayasetimu


Tjayasetimu is the name of a little girl who was a star singer in ancient Egypt. Nearly 3000 years ago, she was a member of the royal choir & sang for the pharaohs in temples on the Nile. The 7-year-old girl, although heartbreakingly young when she died, was important enough to merit an elaborate mummification, a process normally reserved for Egyptian royalty & elite families. Tjayasetimu had been wrapped in painted bandages, her face covered with a delicate veil & hidden by a golden mask, & she had been placed in a gilded sarcophagus. The child star was well-preserved & still had a full head of shoulder-length hair. They could even see her milk teeth pushing up through her gums. At a height of just 4 feet, Tjayasetimu was far too small for her sarcophagus, although it is not clear why a casing was not made to fit her size. Scientists believe she died as a result of a short illness, such as cholera.