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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Believe it or not, these are real paintings..Super Realism ‪#Awesome‬ Artist : Leng Jun

Leng Jun is a Chinese contemporary artist, recognized for his Fine Art paintings of still lifes and detailed and realistic portraits of women. He was born in 1963 in Sichuan Province, where he graduated in 1984 from the Teachers College, Hankou, Wuhan, branch of the Department of Art.

Leng Jun – an all-around artist

Leng Jun is a comprehensive artist – not only a painter, he is also the leader of Wuhan painting academy, national 1st grade painter, vice president of Hubei province artists association, chairman of Wuhan artists association, member of Chinese artists and member of Chinese oil painting association.

Leng’s specific approach to an act of painting

Leng specializes in detailed works, which is achieved by his patient and careful observation of depicted subjects. Leng’s approach to painting is characteristic – he gets close and observes on the material he intended to paint, and in that way he endows his works with vitality, reliability and richness of color. Every specific gesture and move of the subject can be handled with high artistic technique and careful endeavor so as to achieve his expected perfect visual effect.
Leng Jun intends to show a mentality of simplicity in his painting in which the stronger and fine classical feeling can be aroused while you look into them. He tries to avoid the way of western painting technique that entails a lot of detailed subjects to be junked on the painting. Leng Jun is dedicated to the way of painting method of adopting simple design and components to signify a sort of aesthetic viewpoint of his own, which makes the composition of the painting more divine and sanctified.

Awards and exhibitions of Leng’s works

Leng Jun won the Art Award in the 2nd Annual Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing, and the Golden Award in the 3rd Annual Chinese Art Exhibition. His paintings have been sold regularly at auctions throughout China and have been acquired for private and institutional collections world-wide. He had become more renowned and influential in art circle since his works were carried to a great deal of important exhibitions all over the country.

Leng Jun is currently based in Beijing.

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