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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


THE surface gravity of the superneutron star is 1300000000000 times that of Earth or 6.25 times that of ordinary neutron star. A planet orbiting this star will be at a velocity of 175000 kms/s. The escape velocity from the surface of
a such star should be equal to the velocity of light. Nothing will escape from the surface of such star. Light photons, neutrinos, gravitons because all travel at the speed of light. A superneutron star
could not effect the Universe in any other way, it will give no signs of its existence, neither radiational nor gravitational. It could not lose heat, could not explode, it could do nothing but a perfect stasis. For any given mass, the radius of sphere into which it must be compressed to attain the state of neutron or superneutron star is called SCHWARZCHILD RADIUS, named after physicist K. Schwarzchild who thought of it in 1916 after Einsteins view of gravitation was published. We could never detect the superneutron star even if it existed, no matter how close it is.
If such a star located near the Earth, it would move around it without any distortion for we cannot measure distortion by anyway.

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