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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Real Cause Of Pain: How The Spine Is Connected To Your Inner Organs!

The spine in your body is one of the most significant parts.
Without this part of your body, you could not stand up and keep yourself up.
It gives your body support and structure.

It allows you to bend with flexibility and to move about freely.
The function of constructive part of our body is also to protect the spinal cord – a column of nerves which are connected with your brain and the rest of the body.
Your organs cannot function and you cannot move any part of the body without a spinal cord, therefore, keeping the spine healthy if you like to live an active life.
Spine can tell you where the problem is in your inner body
Usually, when you have the problems with your spine it causes a pain in totally various parts of your body.
Then you start treating other diseases, of course with no effect.
That`s why you need to pay more attention, especially to this part of your body.
If you feel or have back pain, you can know which part of this part is affected by seeing anomalies, thus, you can point a problem related to a certain organ of your body.
Our organs are skillfully connected with this part of the body and it will help you to see or know the infographic on the picture above.
Most of a headache – about 70% occurs from your spine.
-Vision problems, difficulty when swallowing, tinnitus – can be a repercussion of inter vertebral disc malfunction.
-Pain in your hands and tingling – check the spine in your neck area.
-A pain in the intestines, stomach, problems with chest part and area of the heart – the problems with a thoracic part of your spine.
-The lumbar spine problems can be manifested as pain in the thighs and hips, decreasing sensitivity in your legs and walking.
Accordingly, strengthening and treatment of this part can help you to get rid of the problems of other organs.…/
Lorna Wilson

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