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Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Be realistic, expect miracles." -Osho

"Be realistic, expect miracles." -Osho
To be optimistic is the key, because to be optimistic is to trust and have faith in the way creation works and the notion that your Higher Self has your back, because it always has and always will.
There is a difference between being optimistic and having false expectations, because having expectations on a specific way the miracles come to you will keep them away from you, but if you simply expect miracles for their own sake, not worrying or even bothering to care about what kind of or how they should come about then you are in the state of allowance that brings everything you need to you exactly when you need it.
Does luck exist?
In a sense luck doesn't exist, but you can still create the experience of being lucky if you FEEL lucky already. Feeling lucky and appreciation go hand in hand, so feel lucky, feel appreciation and expect the pot of gold to be revealed to you at the end of the rainbow, exactly when you need it to be there!!!
Your Higher Self takes care of the complicated details, it takes care of the bridge of incidents that lead up to the fulfillment of your miracle of desire being manifest, TRUST is the key word. Do you Trust yourself? This is the question because the Higher Self is who you truly are, the ego is simply an avatar it is operating from a higher level in this reality game simulation we call life on earth.
-Craig Krishna

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