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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Garbhagruha of Dhumar Lena Shiva Temple, Ellora cave Temple complex(Maharashra)

Dated: ~6th century CE or older
This is the one of the best preserved and largest of all three(including Gharapuri and Jogeshwar cave temples), which were executed on the same plan, light being introduced from three sides, which is extremely difficult in cave architecture. The hall, including the shrine is 148 feet by 149 and nearly 18 feet in height. However, the entire excavation extends to almost 250 feet. Two large lions with small elephants under their paws guard the steps which lead to the hall from three sides. In the front, is a large circle for the Nandi. The hall is in the form of a cross, the roof supported by 26 massive pillars. There are large sculptures in the front aisles on three sides. In the west aisle, on the south end we find Ravana lifting the Kailas mountain, as we have seen is repeated at many places in Ellora. In the north end, we find Bhairava with two victims. In the south verandah there is a large pit opposite the landing.