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Saturday, August 2, 2014


Yet high creativity and prodigious intuition are in very short supply in the world.
Creativity and intuition are powerful cognitive processes that, with the exception of their outputs, are hidden from our conscious mind.
They can provide fantastic new ideas and solutions to old and new problems but, mostly, without immediately supplying the logic behind them. One has to find out it later.
They certainly use the accumulated scientific and technological knowledge of our hidden memory but they, frequently, do not reveal it consciously.
They can be the most mighty forms of human intelligence in highly talented people. But the gifted individual has a very hard time to explain where his ideas come from. They only know from their past experiences that many of their creative ideas, intuitions and predictions do work.
Brilliant science is produced through a constant tension between the need for accurate logic and solid evidence and the, frequently, unpredictable outputs of creativity and intuition and their, frequently, hidden logic.
Most people think that science is based solely on flawless logic, accumulated knowledge and solid and corroborated evidence. Yet without outstanding creativity and intuition very little ( if any ) groundbreaking science and technology would be produced.
They also can be very instrumental for predicting future events and possibilities. Again, gifted individuals have a hard time explaining to others where their visions and predictions come from.
Not everybody has functional, logic and organizing types of creativity and intuition, that is why some people come up with crazy and fictional ideas. Yet ordinary people cannot immediately distinguish between problem-solving new ideas or reasonably accurate futuristic predictions from lunacy. So, they resort to indistinctly label all creative people as "nutcases" or "delusional". That is the tragedy of creative thinkers.
I hope that, one day, genetic and epigenetic engineering and an enlightened culture could give high creativity, mighty intuition and wide scientific knowledge to everyone so that no one would be frequently misunderstood or mislabeled.
Efstratios Filippidis