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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pablo Escobar, The Deadliest Drug Lord From Colombia

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was considered as the wealthiest criminal of his time. Apart from being a part of the riches clan, he was a Colombian Drug Lord and a narco-terrorist; well now you can assume from where did he get all the money rolling. He had an estimated net worth of 30 billion USD by early 1990's. Pablo was very much into the cocaine business that there was a time when he was also called as 'The King Of Cocaine'. He is the most popular drug criminal there has ever been in history.
The Drug Lord has also been the subject of various popular movies, TV shows, plays and other performances. The Netflix US television series 'Narcos' is said to be probably the most popular programme ever made on his life, which is set to return for its third season very soon.

Pablo Escobar had tremendous wealth which he earned from an illicit sale of narcotic drugs. He became the kingpin and drug lord smuggling almost 80% of the cocaine that went to the US. For seven years in a row, his name was included in the Forbes annual list of billionaires and world's richest persons with being at number 7 worldwide in 1989.
2. His property shocked the government

The Columbian government seized some of Pablo's property in the late 1980's. This included 20 helicopters, 32 yachts, 142 planes and 141 homes and offices.
3. The deadliest killer of all time.

Pablo Escobar was charged with killing at least 4,000 people including thousands of police officials, 200 court judges and several government officials and journalists. In 1989, he was determined to get rid of then presidential candidate Cesar Gaviria Trujillo and planned to plant a bomb in the flight, which Gaviria was supposed to take. Gaviria was stopped by the CIA official from taking the flight. Pablo Escobar ended up bombing the Avianca Flight 203, aircraft Boeing 727-7, killing 110 innocent people. This was the deadliest ever criminal attack in the history of Colombia.
4. The costliest rubber band ever used
Pablo used to spend around $2,500 a month on rubber bands to tie the money into a bundle.
5. Tyres, drugs and money
Escobar had an organised network of drug suppliers and smugglers named as, 'Medellin Cartel.' In his hey days, he smuggled up to 15 tonnes of cocaine each day. He even smuggled cocaine into plane tyres by giving an opportunity to earn as much as $500,000 per day for pilots depending on how much quantity pilots could fly.
6. Personal luxurious jail.

Escobar surrendered before Columbian authorities in 1991 on one condition that he will live in his luxury prison named as 'La Catedral'  he had built for himself. It was guarded by his own men and prison had a casino, spa, nightclub, bar, jacuzzi and all luxury items used at that time.
7. Biggest Shipment ever smuggled.
The largest single shipment of cocaine which was ever smuggled by Escobar to the US weighed 51,000 pounds.
8. His death drew humongous attention.

Pablo Escobar died at the age of 44 on December 2, 1993, in a shootout, which has never been proved whether he was shot dead or he killed himself. About 25,000 people attended his burial in Medellin. For his shootout, two American Drug Enforcement agents Steve Murphy & Javier Pena worked for years on the case of Pablo Escobar.
9. Luxurious Hacienda Napoles
He built numerous residences and safe houses but his most luxurious estate was 'Hacienda Napoles' in Puerto Triunfo. It was spread across 20 square kilometres, which include a Spanish colonial house, a sculpture park and other elegant possessions.
10. Subject to several art forms.
Various books, TV Series & Films have been made on The Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.
4. The costliest rubber band ever used