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Monday, December 14, 2015

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome [ SARS ] ::

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a viral respiratory disease caused by the SARS Coronavirus.

1. SARS is caused by a coronavirus (SARS-associated coronavirus or SARS-CoV).
2. This infection can be spread easily from close person-to-person contact.
3. There is no medication that is known to treat SARS. Treatment is supportive.
4. During the 2003 outbreak, approximately 25% of people had severe respiratory failure and 10% died.
Risk Factors
1. Recent travel to mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan or close contact with ill people with a history of recent travel to these areas
2. Employment in an occupation at risk for SARS-CoV exposure, including a health-care worker with direct contact with a patient having SARS-CoV, or a worker in a laboratory that contains live SARS-CoV
3. Relationship with a cluster of cases of atypical pneumonia without an alternative diagnosis.

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