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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Teacher and The Class of Rowdies [MUST WATCH & SHARE]

If you feel that you once were in a class of rowdies in one of the grade(standard) of your school, then you can definitely relate to this short film. A must watch for all parents, teachers, and students.

This will show you all the colors of school life. Be it the groupism among students, or among teachers. Be it about the most brilliant boy of the class, or about the Bully. Be it about that one student who has awesome artistic mind, and is not understood by anyone in the class, or be it about that one geeky girl who is sufficiently attractive to be the secret crush of almost all the guys. Or Be it about the Back Benchers.

If you watch this short film from start to the end, you will relive your school life again, and as this ends, you will be left with tears in your eyes.

This film is dedicated to all teachers who create empowering spaces that make learning come alive.

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Produced by: ComMutiny - The Youth Collective
Shared Credit with Pravah for the 5th Space concept
In collaboration with DKA Austria
Special thanks to: Bluebells School International
Film by:
Students: Class XI C \m/

No Copyright Infringement Intended.