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Friday, September 12, 2014

Is Lord Hanuman still alive? Forest dwellers say yes.

Lord Hanuman is said to have the boon of immortality. He was born in Ramayana period but hundreds of years after that, in Mahabharata period too, He was alive. He came to meet the Pandavas before the war of Mahabharata. After hundreds of years of Mahabharata war, He may be still alive in this digital age too. Signs of His presence are coming this time from a mystery tribe in jungles of Sri Lanka.

This mystery tribe is basically a sub-tribe of Veddah who are indigenous people of Sri Lanka. A spiritual organization called Setu is studying this tribe and has come up with some startling revelations. People of this tribe are highly spiritual and completely disconnected from the modern world. They live in their own world of jungle with monkeys and birds. Their history goes back to the Ramayana period. According to Setu, after Lord Rama's death Lord Hanuman roamed in various places of the planet. At that time He visited the kingdom of Vibhishana in Lanka too. He lived with ancestors of this tribe and gave them the knowledge of supreme. Study of Setu reveals that Lord Hanuman comes to meet these people every 41 years and He came to meet them recently this year. Next arrival may happen around year 2055.

While Lord Hanuman remains with this tribe, head of the tribe notes down every conversation and incident in a log book. Setu is studying this log book and translating it in modern languages. Setu has posted first chapter of the logbook on their website which reveals how Lord Hanuman arrived in the jungle few days ago. In first chapter it is mentioned that Lord Hanuman was sitting on the top of a hill of Nuwera Eliya when the head of the tribe went there one evening. In the next chapters it will be described what all Lord Hanuman did with the forest dwellers and what conversations took place between them.

Clearly we human beings of digital age may be very advanced in many things but when it comes to the spiritual advancement, these forest dwellers are way ahead than us. While we may see everything with the prism of our self-defined rationality, there are divine things which exist well beyond our small world of "job, home and vacations".

 — with Venkata Krishna Raghavendra and 7 others.

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