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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Forty Amazing Web Sites to learn something New

1. Lynda: Where over 4 million people have already taken courses.
2. Your favorite publications: Make time to read and learn something new every day from your favorite blogs and online magazines.
3. CreativeLive: Get smarter and boost your creativity with free online classes.
4. Hackaday: Learn new skills and facts with bite-sized hacks delivered daily.
5. MindTools: A place to learn leadership skills (see more great places to learn leadership skills online here).
6. Codecademy: Learn Java, PHP, Python, and more from this reputable online coding school.
7. EdX: Find tons of MOOCs, including programming courses.
8. Platzi: Get smarter in marketing, coding, app development, and design.
9. Big Think: Read articles and watch videos featuring expert "Big Thinkers."
10. Craftsy: Learn a fun, new skill from expert instructors in cooking, knitting, sewing, cake decorating, and more.
11. A massive collection of online guides on just about every topic imaginable.
12. LitLovers: Practice your love of literature with free online lit courses.
13. Lifehacker: One of my personal favorites!
14. Udacity: Learn coding at the free online university developed by Sebastien Thrun.
15. Zidbits: Subscribe to this huge collection of fun facts, weird news, and articles on a variety of topics.
16. TED Ed: The iconic TED brand brings you lessons worth sharing.
17. Scitable: Teach yourself about genetics and the study of evolution.
18. ITunes U:  Yale, Harvard, and other top universities share lecture podcasts.
19. Livemocha: Connect with other learners in over 190 countries to practice a new language.
20. MIT open courseware: To learn introductory coding skills; plus, check out these other places to learn coding for free.
21. WonderHowTo: New videos daily to teach you how to do any number of different things.
22. FutureLearn: Join over 3 million others taking courses in everything from health and history to nature and more.
23. One Month: Commit to learning a new skill over a period of one month with daily work.
24. Khan Academy: One of the biggest and best-known gamified online learning platforms.
25. Yousician: Who said when you learn something new it has to be work-related?
26. Duolingo: A completely free, gamified language learning site (find more language learning sites here).
27. Squareknot: Get creative with other creatives.
28. Highbrow: A subscription service that delivers five-minute courses to your email daily.
29. Spreeder: How cool would it be to be able to speed read?
30. Memrise: Get smarter and expand your vocabulary.
31. HTML5 Rocks: Google pro contributors bring you the latest updates, resource guides, and slide decks for all things HTML5.
32. Wikipedia's Daily Article List: Get Wikipedia's daily featured article delivered right to your inbox.
33. DataMonkey: The ability to work with data is indispensable. Learn SQL and Excel.
34. Saylor Academy: Offers a great public speaking course you can take online, and see more free public speaking courses here.
35. Cook Smarts: Learn basic to advanced food prep and cooking techniques.
36. The Happiness Project: Why not just learn how to be happy? I'd give five minutes a day to that!
37. Expertly curated courses with the option of premium content.
38. Surface Languages: A good choice if you just need to learn a few phrases for travel.
39. Academic Earth: Offering top quality university-level courses since 2009.
40. Make: Learn how to do that DIY project you've had your eye on.
There's no reason you can't learn something new every day, whether it's a work skill, a fun new hobby, or even a language!
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