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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Few Most Stunning Movie Theatres in The World

The Most Stunning Movie Theatres in The World
If you're a movie lover, you know that the environment in which you watch films is an important part of the film experience. We enjoy going to theatres because it makes the movie that much more special. The following theatres, located all over the world, will get you want to leave your local multiplex and travel the world just to watch movies in these awe-inspiring locations.

Winter Garden Theatre, Toronto
The Winter Garden Theatre, along with the Elgin Theatre, constitutes the last pair of Edwardian stacked shows in the world. The Winter Garden has located seven stories above the Elgin. Once the home of many silent feature showings, the theatres now showcase many films as part of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Raj Mandir Cinema, India
This famous movie theatre in Jaipur has premiered many Hindi films and is often nicknamed "The Pride of Asia." With its unique shape and captivating architecture, it's the perfect backdrop for Bollywood pictures.

Olympia Music Hall, France
This French theatre is about as close you can get to watching a brand new movie in the comfort of your own bed. With great mattresses for seating, the theatre provides the perfect date night setting. No funny business in the show, though!

Electric Cinema, London
This incredible theatre in the famous Notting Hill neighbourhood is positively breathtaking. Having opened in 1910, it's one of the nation's oldest theatres still around today. The gorgeous interior is the definition of elegance.

Cinema City, Jerusalem
This large movie complex has 19 screens with a beautiful interior, featuring extensive, lounge-like seating and amazing ceilings to boot 

Sci-fi Dine-in Theatre, Disney's Hollywood Studios
Head down to sunny Florida to do dinner and a movie retro-style at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Designed like a '50s drive-in, the large theatre also has traditional American cuisine to make your movie experience actually enjoyable. 

Urania National Film Theatre, Budapest
The Urania was built in the 1880s as music and dance hall and began showing Hungarian films in 1899. The first Hungarian independent feature was shot here in 1901. Today, the beautiful and historic venue is a showcase for Hungarian cinema, hosting several film festivals throughout the year. 

Sotto Le Stelle Del Cinema, Italy
This is a beautiful open air cinema in the Piazza Maggiore square located in Bologna, Italy. There's no better way to experience both modern and classic cinema than in a 15th-century landmark!

Orinda Theatre, California
Opened in 1941, this stunning California movie still has its original lobby and main theatre. By showing current hit movies, it's the perfect blend of nostalgia and present-day culture. 

Hot Tub Cinema, London
What better way to see a summer blockbuster than in a hot tub under the London night stars? It's a unique movie-watching experience that is also known for showing classic cult films.

Newport Ultra Cinema, Newport City
Comfort and luxury are the main goals at the Newport Ultra Cinema. You can reserve a seat and enjoy having a butler service, which includes unlimited popcorn and drinks. Now that's fancy. 

Cinetedeel Mata dero, Madrid
With a truly unique interior, this Spanish cinema is known for its documentary features. Sitting in this theatre will transport you to another world.

The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing
Looking for an ultra-modern and sleek cinema experience? Beijing has you covered. The Orange Cinema Club is an exclusive and upscale movie theatre that will have you eating your popcorn in style. 

FilmnachteAm Elbufer, Germany
Obviously this isn't an actual theatre, but the outdoor movie-watching experience this German film program provides is too good to pass up. Located on the Elbe river, these movie nights on the river bank are Germany's largest open air cinema festival, with around 150,000 movie lovers attending annually.

Tuschinski, Amsterdam
Pathé Tuschinski is a movie theatre in the Netherlands that was built in 1921. The main auditorium hosts many premieres of Dutch films. The intricate and beautiful detail in the architecture has made it a world favourite destination for cinema buffs.

Campus Theatre, Pennsylvania
Located in Lewisburg, this historic (dated back to 1941) art deco movie house shows a range of films, mainly cult and classic pictures. The stunning interior also makes it a nice alternative to see the latest Hollywood hit.

Palác Lucerna Cinema, Prague
As part of a major shopping mall attraction in the Czech Republic, the Kino Lucerna cinema is a gorgeous and historical attraction that keeps film-lovers coming back for more.

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