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Monday, May 18, 2015

Vedic influence in Korea

• The name Korea is derived from the Sanskrit word Gauriya, which became Goriya before it was changed to Korea. Changing the "G" sound to the "K"or"C" sound can also be recognized in the Sanskrit word Gau which changes in English to "Cow".
• Gouri is the Vedic goddess and of Lord Shiva. She was the principal deity of this region, so consequently the country was named after her.
• In 48 AD, Queen Suro or Princess Heo Hwang-ok is said to have made a journey from Lord Ram's birthplace to Korea by sea, carrying a stone which calmed the waters. The stone is not found anywhere in Korea and is now a part of crucial evidence that the princess belonged to the city of Ayodhya in India. "This stone is only found in India, proof that it came from there to Korea,"
• Korean historians believe that Queen Huh was a princess of an ancient kingdom in Ayodhya. She went to Korea some two-thousand years ago and started the Karak dynasty by marrying a local king, Suro.

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