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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Some life tips

1. You’re going to lose it eventually, whatever it is. Take it for granted or not. Oddly, it’s fairly momentary either way.

2. Shameless enjoyment is as spiritual as it gets.  

2.1 Celebrate being consciously aware of anything at all. Anything. Anything. God. Soap. Beans. Whatever. Celebrate it. Whether you believe in the powers of words or not. Celebrate that you can know any single thing. Any one thing. ANYTHING! It’s a triumph. It’s a sheer triumph. 

3. Money is helpful and rich people die everyday. 

4. If you don’t like corporations, don’t buy what they sell. That’s it. That’s how you get ‘em. They cannot exist without customers. 

4.1 Property is the only cause of suffering. 

4.2 Attachment is biological. Liberation is philosophical. Trust all four. 

5. The most practical hobby to take up is playing with sound, silence, stillness and movement using only you. No props. No special do-thingies. Just you. It is possible to enjoy this hobby everywhere on the island for the entirety of life.

6. If you are going to have children create with them. Do things with them at the edge of ignorance, the place where your knowledge and their knowledge are both open to not knowing what will happen next. This helps develop mutual respect; no one in charge of who knows what is happening and interested all the same.

6.1 Awe is open interest without preconception. To feel it, drop every thing you ever heard someone else say about you and reality. Drop every piece of information that came from anyone else, no matter what stage in life. Just drop it all. 

6.2 “What is that?” is benign. Try it out and listen to what happens.

7. Pain is not a sign fear is required. 

8. No matter who you love also admit you use them. It makes everything easier.

9. Don’t assume the math is something anyone understands completely and know there is a relative physiological usefulness to simply considering the large of law numbers.

10. For maximum creative buzz, apply equal parts: NO FREE WILL and NO DESTINY. 

11. Don’t try to win arguments. Just make sentences you like hearing.

12. The less you own, the less owns you.

Benjamin Smythe

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