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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Can your body sense future events without any external clue?

An interesting new study shows that our minds can sense future events 2-10 seconds before they take place.
This study called “Predictive Physiological Anticipation Preceding Seemingly Unpredictable Stimuli: A Meta-Analysis” shows that your mind actually has an energetic reaction to the future before it happens and before you are even aware of it.
“I like to call the phenomenon ‘anomalous anticipatory activity,'” she said. “The phenomenon is anomalous, some scientists argue, because we can’t explain it using present-day understanding about how biology works; though explanations related to recent quantum biological findings could potentially make sense. It’s anticipatory because it seems to predict future physiological changes in response to an important event without any known clues, and it’s an activity because it consists of changes in the cardiopulmonary, skin and nervous systems.”
They concluded that ” the results of this meta-analysis indicate a clear effect, but we are not at all clear about what explains it”. This is one of many mainstream scientifically stable studies that give credence to pre-sentience the psychic aspects of the mind.
The next time you have a thought about something before it actually occurs, that’s because your brain really is picking up on it energetically in a way we can measure. Is time actually non-linear?…/121022145342.htm

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