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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some Tips which can help in increasing the positive energy of your house:

1) Height of the ceiling of the home should be atleast 12 feets, i.e. at least twice the height of an adult, in ancient times height of ceiling used to go even upto 64 feets. This was done to give the necessary strength to space element or to balance the space element. Astrologically Jupiter controls the space element(Aakash tava), hence people with weak Jupiter should live in the houses with ceiling height of at least 12 feets.

2) Stairs should be constructed only in South or South west directions, these are the best directions for Stairs.Height of the stairs should not be more than half of the height of the ceiling. This is very important. Also Stairs should be constructed at an angle less than or equal to 45 degress. If the stairs are constructed on the angle more than that of 45 degrees then it leads to vastu dosh. Earthly element(prithvi atava) and space element(aakash tava) both gets negatively affected if the angle of stairs is more than that of 45 degrees.

3) Storage of food etc can be done in North west direction. Sun Moves from East to West (Morning to evening) thats a reason why this direction free is of drastic temperature changes. Hence at a constant temperatures food items remains fresh for a longer periods in North west.

4) The colors of the walls should not be dark, especially the colors of the walls of bedrooms. Dark colors give strength to negative forces, hence should be avoided.

5) All kinds of machines like washing machines, generators or geysers etc should be installed in South east direction, this direction is under the control of fiery element(Agni tatva)

6) People generally have big trees in their garden which are in East or North east direction which is wrong, you can only have small plants in these directions.

7) Center of your house should always be empty, heavy furniture, machines, stairs or pillars in the center of the house, could be the cause for health troubles for your family members.

8) Keep your house and locality clean.

9) Number of windows, doors and opening should always be minimum in South west or south directions, maximum number of windows or doors or openings should be there in the North, North east and east directions.

10) Toilets should never be adjacent to or in front of Kitchen or in east or north east directions

Avoid a property which has a door facing South West as it is the entry of the devil energy and brings in struggles and misfortunes. If the wealth energy as per advanced Feng Shui of that house is good, the occupant may prosper during initial 3-4 years. But then may face a down fall. If your house already has a door facing South West, fix 2 Hanumanji's tiles ( with the Gada in his left hand) outside the door & see the difference. Certain gems like Yellow Sapphire,Earth Crystals, Lead with the Expert's advice can also further reduce the severity of this defect. But it is always better to avoid such properties.
The door facing South East is said to be a door which brings in illness, anger and court matters. wo stickers of Gayatri Mantra should be fixed on both the sides of the door from outside. Use of gems like Coral, Yellow Sapphire etc. and copper with a proper advice will further reduce the defects of this door.
South facing door brings in sharp energy which disturbs positive energy field of the house. Door here means a highly active social life. Some times it may bring in arguments or disagreements. Again fixing two above mentioned Hanumanji's tiles outside the door will help. It can further be protected by using lead, cat's eye etc. But this door if it is in fourth Pada is very good for an occupant.
West facing door is also not bad for the youngsters as it has an active energy & energy of enjoyment. That is why in Japan, Geisha houses are always facing west.
North West facing door is not so bad. It can bring in health, wealth and prosperity if supported by other vastu rules. Only thing that the main male member of the house may remain out of the house for a longer time if the door faces west and a female if the door faces North.
Normally doors facing East, North, North East are said to be good doors. But again there are many other things like Cuts, Extensions, Under Ground Water Tanks, Feng Shui (Flying Stars Chart ) of the house which decide the wealth and health of the occupant. A few words on these topics some other time.

.- Always stand in the centre of your house with a compass in your hand to find out the directions of your house. The main entrance is the mouth of a house which brings in the energy. Avoid a property which has a door facing south-west, as it is the entry of the devil energy and brings in struggle and misfortunes. If your house already has one, fix two Hanumanji tiles outside the door and see the difference.
- Mandir or altar is the king of all Vastu rules — place it in the North-East and everything will start falling in place. Also, face the East while praying.
- Kitchen is the symbol of prosperity and should be ideally placed in the southeast. Kitchen in the North or North-East may bring financial and health problems. In this case, hang three bronze bowls upside down on the ceiling but do not hang over the stove.
- Master bedroom is the key to enter the door of stability and it must be in the South-West. You should sleep with your head in the South or West. But a breadwinner must never sleep in the North-East .
- Bathrooms and toilets have the energy of 'hell' which are best in West  or South. But should never be in North and North-East or they bring financial, health and educational problems.
- Centre is the nose of your house from where your house breathes. It must be open and clutter-free. A wall here gives stomach and financial problems so fix a zero watt blue bulb on this wall and keep it on 24x7 .
- Cuts in any direction make a house paralyzed, mainly cuts in South-West, North, North-East and South-East give serious problems. There are many mysteries and secrets regarding the cuts and their cures.
Now, a rapid-fire round of cures
- Never use too much of bright colours such as red and purple for decorating your house or they may enhance sickness energy in the house, if any.
- Do not keep pictures of water or a fountain in your bedroom. It might adversely affect you.
- Do not keep your mandir/temple under any beam or cupboard or you will be always under stress.
- Do not keep heavy objects in the North East and North or it may block your finances.
- Do not keep bonsais in the house or they will hamper the growth in the respective area of your life.
- Mopping the floor twice a week with sea salt water will help you clean your house of negative energy.
- If arguments are the main ruling energy in your house, play a musical CD four-five times in a day and experience the calmness in the house.

5 Tips to Attract Positive Energy into Your Home

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If you are moving into a new home or just updating your current space, consider setting up your place to attract more positive energy. Your choice of furnishings, accessories and their placement can have a huge impact on the energy within your home. Your home should be your sanctuary where you can feel nurtured, energized and fulfilled.
An ancient Chinese practice known as feng shui delves into the arrangement of your home in order to bring in good “Chi” or energy into your space. Loosely based on feng shui concepts, here are five tips to consider for bringing positive energy into your home.

1. Space

Space is an important concept to think about. It doesn’t matter whether your home is large or small or even if you live in a tiny room! To bring more positive energy into any size space be sure it is well organized and free of clutter. Consider what is really essential and what can be discarded or given to charity.
Your home should be your sanctuary where you can feel nurtured, energized and fulfilled.
Freeing up clutter paves the way for good energy to flow within the home. Space doesn’t necessarily mean “sparse.” The key is to get rid of things that don’t belong since they represent stagnant energy which can become negative and weigh you down at home.

2. Lighting

Proper lighting and air quality can also influence the energy in your home. Be sure to open your blinds to include as much natural light as possible in each area. Darkness slows down vibrations within a space and even causes feelings of depression. If natural lighting is a challenge try searching for some “natural light” or “full spectrum” light bulbs or LED lights.

3. Air Quality

Air quality is also important. Make sure air filters are changed regularly in heating and air conditioning systems. You may also want to invest in an air purifier. Green houseplants are nature’s air purifiers and have some great bonuses.
They add beauty to your environment and they are living things with their own energy fields. That’s a double boost of positivity! Also think about adding some aromatherapy or incense. Sage, light floral and citrus scents work best.

4. Color

Color choices play a big role in your home’s energy. Black, while stylish can actually attract and hold negative energy if used in too large a quantity. You don’t need to get rid of your black items, just be sure to balance them out with other bright and cheerful colors.
White is one of the best colors to attract positive energy. If you think of white light, it actually contains all the colors of the rainbow when seen through a prism. This makes the color white very powerful indeed!
A word of caution, too much white can feel overwhelming so be sure to balance it out with some other colors. Earth tone colors are especially nice to bring in some grounding and centering energy. Green plants can help with this too in addition to cleansing the air!
The major colors of the rainbow can also help with positive vibrations in the home. Each color has unique aspects, so including more of that color in your home can help draw that energy in.

Here is a quick rundown just to get an idea:


are great for romance and action, but too much can invite anger.


suggest warmth and enthusiasm, but too much can cause restlessness.


invite joy and inspiration, but too much can cause feelings of uncertainty.


are healing and nurturing, but overdoing green can induce laziness.


are calming and peaceful, but too much blue (particularly deep blue or indigo) can attract depressive energy.


are good for inspiration and luxury. Violet in particular is good for healing and manifesting. Too many purples or violets can call in serious and even sorrowful energy. No matter what colors are used in your décor, be sure to strive for balance.

5. Furniture and Accessories

Selecting furniture and accessories can also influence the energy in your home. To keep it positive, choose pieces that you love. If shopping vintage or second hand, be sure to energetically cleanse your pieces.
Burn some sage around these items, use a liquid sage spray or leave your possessions in the sunlight for a few hours if possible. You don’t want old or foreign energy in your space. Even if items are new, consider doing this to set the intention of positive energy for you and your home.
Item placement is also a factor in attracting positive energy. Try to avoid clutter and overcrowding furniture and accessories. They need some room so energy can flow. This goes back to the idea of space. Also be mindful of the colors you select for furniture and accessories. Lastly, think about adding mirrors to open up an area and reflect that good energy coming into your home.
A lot more can be said about inviting positive energy into your home but these tips will help get you started. Strive for a happy balance and have fun decorating!

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