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Friday, September 21, 2012

Surya Namaskār - The Complete Exercise

“Surya” is a Sanskrit word that means “the Sun” and “Namaskār” refers to “the act of paying Namaste with folded hands.” Hence, “Surya Namaskār” means “Salute to the Sun.” Symbolically, the act of prostration is a devotional one, representing the surrender of the self to the Supreme, Who is both—within and outside—of us. In the field of Yog, the Sun symbolizes the source of cosmic energy, represented by piṅgalā or Surya nāḍī, (prāṇic channel or life giving force). This sequence consists of 12 poses, which are connected together by inhaling (Radhey) and exhaling (Krishna)—one pose flowing into the other. This can also be set as the “Synchronization of the Breaths with the Bodily Movements.”

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