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Sunday, September 16, 2012

‎~ The Heaven Gate Mountains~

It is no wonder that Tianmen Mountain in China is also called the Heaven Gate Mountain. The mountain measures up to 131 meters in height and runs 60 meters deep. Because of its high altitude, it is more like an open gate to heaven. Located in the Zhangjiajie city in China, the Heaven Gate Mountain is seven kilometers from the city. Adventures prefer hiking up to the mountain while tourists prefer a taxi or a car to get to the mountains. Apart from trekking and car rides, cable car facility is available too. The mountain boasts of a natural cave believed to have formed in 263 AD.
The Tianmen Mountain has a 500 year old temple called the Tianmenshan temple situated on its top and hence the mountain is the major place of worship for the Chinese. Written as Tien Men Shan in Chinese language, the mountain had longer days and shorter nights. The temperature is around 9 to 10 degree centigrade through most of the year. In July 1992, the Heaven Gate Mountain was established as a national park and a potential tourist attraction. To facilitate the tourism aspect, the Chinese government built the 7455 meter cable cars so that the tourists can marvel the beauty of the mountain.

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