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Monday, February 25, 2019

Right, Use of Will

Have you noticed how often Mind, Body and Spirit are talked about? Do you ever wonder where Heart and Emotions fit in? 
Did you ever think that the emotional body is a real thing that is not being accorded its right place? Do you believe that all emotions stem from the mind? What about gut feelings?
What do emotions have to contribute to your life anyway, and how do you get them to behave the way you want them to in intensely challenging emotional moments? Do you ever wonder who your adversaries really are? Do you wonder why people seem to repeat patterns without any particularly apparent evolution in behaviour even though there appears to be a vast increase in the information acquired by the mind?

What is in the way of evolving to a more humane, loving, free, balanced, wise and egalitarian world? If it was more knowledge, we should be better already, right?
There are many books that talk about how to control emotions but do not demonstrate a deep understanding of them. This relationship with the emotional body makes thoughts dominant as though emotions have little or nothing to offer our perceptions. A balance between thought and emotion is necessary. Controlling emotions, while expedient for some, is not advisable compared to evolving them. As emotions evolve, the outcomes described by the "control your emotions approach" happen naturally and in a real way.
For some of you, this is a much more pressing need than for others because you are emotionally polarized and cannot very successfully follow the "control your emotions" advice (given by people who are mind dominated.)
What has been overlooked is that there is an evolutionary path for emotions, but it is a path not widely understood or encouraged by the system in which we presently live. It is a particularly ignored and neglected path. Even a downtrodden and suppressed path. It can lead to a deep kind of inner knowing and freedom that can move into a real alignment with others. As emotions evolve, alignments occur without the use of pressure, coercion or manipulation.
There is deep behavioural conditioning on Earth that needs to shift if we are to truly evolve; and evolve we must, or perish, as it appears. The path is simple really, except for the resistance you will meet if you don't do this in a private place until you have enough understanding, discernment and self-acceptance to integrate more emotional expression into your outer life.
The emotional body expresses as emotion, desire, receptivity and intuition. This is our Will. Without desire and emotion, we do not have the passion to do things. We become slaves driven along either by the insistence of our mind or the demands and expectations of others. Our Will is not a bunch of positive thinking by our mind. Our Will is the feminine aspect of our being and it is underdeveloped in both men and women.
Without getting to know our emotional body and evolving it, we can be manipulated through our emotions. We can be easily led or misled. If our emotional body is seriously shut down, we can do anything, no matter how abhorrent, just because we can.
Emotions need space; that's the reality of the situation on Earth. And it needs to be real space and real emotions. Will must be free in order to balance with the Spirit. From this balance comes true Heart. When our Wills are not free, there is reduced Heart presence on Earth. Many things then feel heartless.
To free our Will, we need to know where we are not free, not only outwardly, but also where we have imprisoned ourselves inwardly. Within us is the micro of the outer predicament. This sounds obvious, yet most people suppress emotions they do not think are acceptable without realizing the role that is playing.

How often is it said, “Do you choose love or fear?”
Why not choose both? Why not bring fear within love, help it and find out what contributions it has to offer? Isn't that the loving thing to do?

Right, Use of Will is not suppressing or forcing emotional expression; it is about finding balance and letting the Will be free. I hope you will find the path of Freewill, freeing your Will, an important part of your consciousness evolution.
Ceanne DeRohan

Lorna Wilson

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