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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sin(x) & Cos(x).

The snakes do not represent DNA so much as they represent Sin & Cos graphing of Karma for spiritual magic. One learns how to mathematically graph karma, in order to perform alchemy for a desired outcome!
Trigonometry is absolutely the rosetta Stone for karma and The Blood Craft.
Im doing a great bit of reserch now on this matter and Ill be doing Blood Magik III while I write music as well.

For now the leads I have are the symbolism in a modern contract and responsibility or honor is signed for or cosigned on behalf. One can have a cos-sign to remove responsibility from one party to the other.
Another lead is that from a very old translation of Quuran and Holy Bible we have trespassing and "Sin". Clearly not limited to a trespass. But the simple fact the word sin is used in this way is a lead possibly connecting bad deeds with a graph sin(x).

In Scripture contracts moral obligations are measured by Sin and Cos which is yet another clue that the divine ratio we call Fibonacci takes place in all aspects of nature. In fact like physics, Fibonacci is the Law!
Mathematics is the key to all that is and even that which is not. It will be very interesting when I release my report on this subject.
While we rarely if ever have the chance to read the writing from the walls directly. In some cases its no longer possible. We all must rely on interpretations filtered by personal agendas and beliefs, the craft arts have become so contaminated its hard to know which order to trust.

But graphing bad deeds and negative emotions and acts with Sin(x) & blood ritual sacrifice as Cos(x), is extremely interesting because the simple act of graphing this will reveal the secrets of real magik! It will also reveal the secrets of the messiah.

Desmond Wayne