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Friday, October 30, 2015

The BRAIN Within Our BRAIN:

"No Brain Mapping Without Glia" ( How nice to see another huge fan of our Glial Brain within the Brain)
An informative blog post for Great Background
(a good first step in deciphering the riddle of the importance of this network of "non-neuronal' cells that make the Brain work…
"Almost all of the current research incentives are for studying the details of the neuron electrical neurotransmitter network; and few to describe the three glial cells’ function. Brain mapping and “connectome” studies need to include all glial cells -
"It is unrealistic to consider mapping the brain without most of the critical brain cells. The three glia—astrocytes, microglia, and oligodendrocytes—regulate all aspects of neuronal signaling networks.
"The fact is that glial cells are absolutely critical in every aspect of neuronal function. The collaboration of glia and neurons occurs at many different scales—in large whole brain circuits, small local circuits and individual neurons and synapses. - See more at:
"Many neuroscientists have focused only on the structure of neuronal connections and synapses. In fact one of the outmoded “dogmas” is that each neuron sends a signal to the next neuron, which along with other signals, is computed like a computer chip. This concept is hopelessly simplistic. There are thousands of factors in the neuronal network. And there are many other ways living individual neurons communicate—brain waves, electrical potential, cytonemes, and exosomes, among others.
"It is impossible to consider understanding brain function without the three glial cells. To think that just mapping the neuronal connections will describe mental function is absurd. While most money is going into studies of neurons, there is a vast amount of work to be done on the three glial cells. "
diagram from
Unsung brain cells play key role in neurons' development…/unsung-brain-cells-play-key-role-…