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Monday, February 2, 2015

Psychological movies

12 Angry Men: eyewitness accounts; memory; projection
12 Monkeys: disorganized schizophrenia
28 Days: alcoholism
50 First Dates: short-term memory; head trauma
A Beautiful Mind: paranoid schizophrenia
A Clockwork Orange: behavior modification; sociopath
Affliction: alcoholism
American Psycho: sociopath; narcissistic and/or antisocial personality disorder
Apocalypse Now: stress; post-traumatic stress disorder; "madness"
Analyze This: psychotherapy
An Angel at My Table: madness
Arachnophobia: arachnophobia (fear of spiders)
As Good As It Gets: obsessive-compulsive disorder
Awakenings: medication intervention; catatonic states
Basketball Diaries: heroin addiction
Beaches: histrionic personality
Benny and Joon: paranoid schizophrenia
Bell Jar: mental breakdown
Bill: mental retardation
Boys Don't Cry: gender identity; homophobia
Breakfast Club: adolescence; identity
Cape Fear: antisocial personality disorder; sociopath
The Cell: sleep and dreams; consciousness
Charly: mental retardation
Clean and Sober: alcoholism
Coming Home: post-traumatic stress disorder
Copycat: agoraphobia; sociopathic personality
Crumb: schizoid personality disorder; schizophrenia
Deer Hunter: post-traumatic stress disorder
Dominick and Eugene: mental retardation
Don Juan DeMarco: schizophrenia; delusions; institutionalization
Dream Team: mental institution portrayal
Drugstore Cowboy: drug addiction
Eating: eating behavior; disorders
Fisher King: schizophrenia
Fly Away Home: imprinting
Folks: Alzheimer's
Frances: institutionalization; lobotomy
French Kiss: aerophobia (fear of flying)
Freud: psychoanalysis
Girl, Interrupted: borderline personality disorder; depression; suicide
Good Will Hunting: conduct disorder; patient-therapist interaction
High Anxiety: acrophobia (fear of heights)
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden: schizophrenia
In Cold Blood: sociopaths
Inception: dreams, perceptions
Jacob's Ladder: post-traumatic stress disorder; drug addiction
Lars and the Real Girl: delusions
Leaving Las Vegas: alcoholism
Matchstick Men: obsessive-compulsive disorder; agoraphobia
Memento: short-term memory loss; head trauma
Mr. Jones: bipolar disorder (manic/depression)
Nell: language acquisition
Nuts: psychological disturbance
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: intitutionalization; electroshock therapy; depression
Ordinary People: depression; suicide; therapy
Overboard: amnesia/fugue
The Other Sister: mental retardation
Postcards From the Edge: drug and alcohol addiction
Primal Fear: dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder)
Prince of Tides: therapy; repressed memories
Rain Man: autism
Requiem for a Dream: prescription and illicit drug addiction
Rush: drug addiction
Seven: sociopath; narcissistic and/or antisocial personality disorder
Shine: institutionalization; abuse
Silence of the Lambs: sociopath
The Sixth Sense: child therapist
The Snake Pit: institutionalization; mental breakdown
Sommersby: amnesia; fugue; post-traumatic stress disorder
Sybil: dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder)
Trading Places: nature vs. nurture
Trainspotting: heroin addiction
Three Faces of Eve: dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder)
Tuesdays with Morrie: bereavement, developmental stages, death
Unstrung Heroes: obsessive-compulsive disorder
Vertigo: anxiety disorders
What About Bob?: obsessive-compulsive disorder; portrayal of therapist and patient
What Dreams May Come: consciousness; death; bereavement; depression
What's Eating Gilbert Grape: mental retardation
When a Man Loves a Woman: alcoholism; co-dependency

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