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Monday, July 30, 2012


Dima Dmitriev was born in Moscow, Russia, and is the second generation of artists in his family.  He moved to Prague, Czech Republic, where he graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. As his paintings gained attention and praise at fine art exhibitions throughout Europe, Dima became one of the most talked about young artists living in Prague’s flourishing artistic community.  Dmitriev has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Dima’s paintings represent forms of “visual paradise.”  He describes this as the process of extracting the color, light, and texture from real places and distilling these onto his canvases as idealized worlds. Dima rarely uses a brush. His preferred tool is the palette knife. Dima also adds depth and color saturation to some of his works by starting with black, rather than the traditional white, canvas. Dmitriev’s Impressionistic composition and style combined with his mastery of the palette knife create oil paintings that are vibrant and sculptural. His works often include themes of childhood, nature and the sea. 

Some big international companies, for example, AT&T (USA), Vodafone (UK) or AWD Holding AG (Germany) have added his paintings to their art collections. As well as many private collectors from Czech Republic, USA, Spain, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia, Qatar, Dominican Republic and others.

Palette knife painting

Dima Dmitriev is a painter without a brush creating impressionist style paintings with the palette knife. I love painting with a palette knife because the creative thinking is very different than with a brush. Dima is a master of palette knife painting. He visits locations to take photographs but creates all the work in his studio. I don't agree 100% with that and feel it's important to also paint on location to understand the light better. There are things which you just can not see in a photograph. Most of Dima's paintings are some kind of 'visual paradise' which does not really exist because behind the facade of the paradise are normal people leading normal lives with all the problems of existence. If you believe that painting should question, then his art fails on that point and questions very little. For some these will be the chocolate box image. What is important for myself is the act of creating rather than the final outcome. Art is a journey and not a destination. Like the Buddha said "Enjoy what there is to enjoy, suffer what there is to suffer."

Exhibits and Shows:

1994-98 "Domino" Gallery - Prague, Czech Republic
1998-99 "U Cerveneho Beranka" Gallery - Prague, Czech Republic
1999-05 "D-Art" Gallery - Prague, Czech Republic
2000-03 "Arman-Art" Gallery - Prague, Czech Republic
2004 "Moscow Contemporary Art Gallery" - Moscow, Russia
2004 "Horace Richter" Gallery - Old Jaffo/Tel-Aviv, Israel
2004-05 "Art Gallery" - Karlstejn, Czech Republic
2006 "Cerale Exhibition" Gallery - Ceriale, Italy
2005-11 "Vam-Art" Gallery - Prague, Czech Republic
2008 "Art Ireland 2008" - Dublin, Ireland
2008-09 "Artcity" Gallery - Prague, Czech Republic
2006-11 "Michalska" Gallery - Prague, Czech Republic
2010 "Allegro Arts" - Woodside, California
2010-11 "Canvasations" Gallery - Redwood City, California
2011 "Konditorei" - Portola Valley, California
2011 "Art11" Gallery - Prague, Czech Republic


2004 "Oscar Artisti di Successo" Accademia Severiade, Milano, Italy
2005 I. prize, volume for a prize "Citta di Cereale" Pro Loco Ceriale, Ceriale, Italy
2005 I. prize, volume for a prize "Antonello da Messina" Messina, Italy
2005 II. prize, "Web Convivio 2005" Il Convivio, Messina, Italy
2006 Special Prize, volume for a prize "Filippo Juvara" Messina, Italy
2007 III. prize, volume for a prize "Un uomo, la sua citta" Il Capricorno, Corinaldo, Italy
2007 III. prize, A.L.I.A.S. org., Melbourne, Australia
2009 Artmajeur Silver Award 2009
2010 Artmajeur Silver Award 2010
2011 Artmajeur Silver Award 2011
2011 I. prize, 2nd Bienale di Arte "Citta di Senigallia 2011"
Dima Dmitriev
1974 born in Moscow, Russia
Lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic

Academy of Arts, Archchitecture and Design Prague - Fashion Designer

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