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Friday, October 28, 2011


I saw your eye wells getting soaked
And the flowery face fading and withering
When my lips didn’t murmur ‘I too love you’
Even after that eternal waiting time

The dark shadows of the dusk had fallen on you
Making your gloomy face even darker
Your long fingers started to move aimlessly
Weaving an invisible pattern on your frock

Love is both hurtful and painful
And it brings mental and physical suffering
For it activates a dormant virus in lovers
Inducing them to treat the other as a prisoner

Love claims sole ownership of an independent soul
Frowning on free movement and association
For the virus of fear spawns jealousy and hate
And kills the nourishing seeds of the spirit

The fear induces lovers to build an iron cage
And walk into the protected prison with the partner
Without knowing that it hurts both of them
And destroys the spirit, intellect and creativity

Once in the prison you treat the other as a slave
Who has voluntarily placed his soul under your care
But the suffering continues, though not brought to light
Making it a slow death for the otherwise creative mind

W.A. Wijewardena

23rd Aug 2007

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