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Monday, September 24, 2018

Abraham Brahma Ibrahim

One of the more significant unifying decipherments is the connection between the similarities of Jewish-Christian-Islam patriarch Abraham and the Hindu creator god Brahma, which overlap in at least six ways:
(a) Both Abraham and Brahma are the said-to-be creators all humans (Ra is the main creator god of the Egyptian pantheon).

(b) Both Abraham and Brahma have the same etymology: “Father Ra son of Nun” (water-fire-earth theory).
(c) Both Abraham and Brahma derived from the Nun (Noah and Ma-Nu, respectively).
(d) Both Abraham and Brahma have the same sister-wife, in namesake, Sarai and Saraswati, respectively.
(e) Both Abraham and Brahma have the same thrice sister-wife parable (creation by incest rewrite).
(f) The slaying of son reoccurs in both cases (release of the soul rewrite / Osiris-Horus splitting rewrite).
Lorna Wilson

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