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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Plastic Road concept using Waste Plastic

Constructing a road would take days instead of months, and roads would last three times as long.

Plastic Wastes used in process:
The following types of waste plastic can be used in the construction of rural roads:
  • Films ( Carry Bags, Cups) thickness up to 60micron (PE, PP and PS)
  • Hard foams (PS) any thickness
  • Soft Foams (PE and PP) any thickness.
  • Laminated Plastics thickness up to 60 micron (Aluminum coated also) packing materials used for biscuits, chocolates, etc.,
  • Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) sheets or Flux sheets should not be used in any case.

Characteristics of the process:
  • Easy process without any new machinery
  • Simple process without any industry involvement
  • In situ process
  • Use of lesser % of bitumen and thus savings on bitumen resource
  • Use of plastics waste for a safe and eco-friendly process
  • Both Mini Hot Mix Pland and Central Mixing Plant can be used
  • Only aggregate is polymer coated and bitumen is not modified
  • Use of 60/70 and 80/90 bitumen is possible
  • No evolution of any toxic gases like dioxin
  • Fly ash can also be used to give a better performance

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