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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


                   A Student by name Sundaran who belongs to Madurai in Tamilnadu had undergone his studies with guru Agasthiar in Pothigai Region. Agasthiar was a Siddhar, Saint and Rishi. His contributions to Tamil literature are very huge in the field of Medicine, Sithandham, Vedhantham, and Physiology. In those days Education means gurukulavasam.  That is to say that the student stayed with the Guru or teacher and the studies are not with books.  The student learnt from the guru by observing him, being obedient to him, devoted to him.  And then when the guru feels that the right time had arrived he used to give lectures and also engage the students in various discussions on philosophy and other related materials.  Most of the Vedas, Upanishads, and other religious materials were taught in this way and the students had to memorize the verses. Agasthiar had contributed hugely to Hindu philosophy. He had also authored hundreds and thousands of poems dealing with philosophy and religion. One such book is named “Agasthiar Forty Thousand” and it contains 40,000 poems! He has written several books in Tamil dealing with variety of subjects such as Medicine, Vedhantham and Sithandham. As and when Sundaran had completed his Tamil studies with guru Agasthiar he sponsored him to Nandeeswaran for further studies in Sanskrit language about Vedha Agamam. Guru Nandheeswarar preached and taught Nine Vedha Agamams which was first taught by Lord Shiva to Parvathi, then to Nandeeswaran. Lord Shiva preached in all a total of 28 Vedha Agamams. Nandeeswarar preached only Nine Vedha Agamams to his disciples. Incidentally Sundaran was studied at Mount Kailash. There were seven other disciples by name Sanagar, Sanandhanar, Sandhanar, Sarar Kumarar, Viyakramar, Padanjali, Sivayoga Mamuni.  All these disciples studied along with Sundarar making up a total of eight disciples. The names of the nine Vedha Agamams are Karanam, Kamigam, Veeram, Sindham, Vadhulam, Viyamalam, Kolotharam, Suppiram and Makudam. These Vedha Agamams enunciate the Directive Principles of Dharma, Karma, Yoga and Knowledge about the solar system, and lunar system. In addition to explaining the nature and function of the universe they give enormous insight into the human physiology.  The system of the human anatomy and its various functions are described in detail.  They also discuss the functions of the mental activities of the human being. These were the various topics that Guru Nandeeswarar taught to these eight disciples.  Our Sundaran also completed his studies with Nandeeswarar in Sanskrit language and acquired complete knowledge in Vedhantham and also acquired the eight holy powers otherwise known as Ashtamasiddhi.  These eight Siddhis are named and known as:
I will explain the meaning and significance of these siddhis now.

                             It is a specific property of Minuteness of the soul. A yogi concentrating meditating and fixing his attention on the quality of the soul during forced exhalation draws together his entire energy to a point which is then made to penetrate into his body so as to make them vibrate according to the will of the yogi. As and when he masters this he gains another siddhi by using which he can inter into a dead body and bring it back to life.

                             It is a special quality of the soul. By concentrating on this property of the soul, a yogi by mere inhalation of air makes his body assume a larger size and comprehends the universe in himself as was done by Lord Krishna when he assumed the ViratSarupa Viswaroopa to show Arjuna how the whole of the universe was within himself.

                             It is the third property of the soul. By making sangama on this property of the soul. The yogi produces diminution of his specific gravity of successive Pooraka, Pramayama. By Swallowing large droughts of air he can thus make his body as light as feather so that it can float in the air or in water. The Yogi’s power of travelling thousands of miles in a moment is attributed to this siddhi.

                             It is the property of the soul that is of increasing the specific gravity of the body and thus making it as heavy as a Mountain by Swallowing draughts of air and compressing them to the tissues of the body.

                             It is the obtaining of desired objects and supernatural powers. The yogi when he is in samadhi acquires the powers of predicting future events, of understanding unknown languages, curing of diseases and of divining the unexpressed thoughts of others. He will enjoy all the pleasures as he wants in his place and as he pleases.


                   It is defined to be the property of entering in to the body of another person.  By doing this the yogi can make that person vibrate according to his (yogi’s) will.


                   Through this the yogi obtains the power of taming living creatures and bringing them under total control.  However the yogi is detached in his mind and does not misuse any of these powers.  The yogi is free from passion, emotion etc.  By using this power the yogi can subjugate all beings human and otherwise.

                   It is the obtaining of universal domination. Devathas even Brahma fall under the power and influence of the Yogi.  Literally the yogi obtains the powers that are attributed to Gods.
(Role.G.Vasant “The Mysterious Kundalini” p.p.74.7)
                   After the completion of his studies with Nandeeswarar at Mount Kailash Sundaran came down from Mount and proceeded to meet his Guru Agasthiyar who lives at Podhigai Region of Tamilnadu.  He had to cross  Kedharnath,  Pasupathynath, and Nepal.  He went through the banks of the river Ganges and reached Kasi (Varanasi).  On the way he passed through SriSailam, Thisukalahasthi, Thirualangadu, Kancheepuram, Thiruvadhikai, and Veeratam. After passing through Chidambaram and Kaveri river bank he reached Thiruvavaduthurai situated on the southern river bank of Kaveri. One day while he was on his way to meet his Guru Agasthiar, near Sathanur Sundaran happened to see a dead man. It was of a shepherd by name Moolan.  Death was caused by snake bite. The cows were crying near the dead body of their master Moolan. This scene deeply affected Sundaran and he decided to help the cows. Sundaran used one of his Astamashiddhi powers, namely the power Parakayapravesam. He safely kept his body inside a big tree hole and entered his soul into the Moolan the shepherd’s dead body. When the cows saw their master Moolan alive they felt very happy. By this compassionate act towards the cows he was obliged to extend his stay in the dead man’s body. By being a Sivayogi he practiced kind and compassionate deeds even on animals.  Then he led the cows to their village. As and when he entered the village the wife of shepherd Moolan came go him and invited him to go to their home. But he refused as he was not really shepherd Moolan. The soul is of the Sivayogi Sundaran. The wife of shepherd Moolan negotiated along with her villagers and requested him to come along with her to live with her but all this was only in vain.
                   The following morning he went to the place where he has kept the body safely in a big tree hole to enter into his own body and searched for his body. But to his surprise his body disappeared then the soul in the body of shepherd Moolan realized that this was an act of God the Lord Shiva. Then he understood that the intention of the Lord Shiva was to deliver Vedha Agamams in Tamil through the medium of Moolan. If the Vedha Agamams were delivered by Sivayogi in Sundaran’s body  the expressions ,words, language, and the method of delivery will be in high standard. And it will be extremely difficult for the layman to understand the meaning of Vedha Agamam. Hence it was decided by lord Shiva to deliver the Vedha Agamam through the Shepherd Moolan’s body which can only speak in colloquial Tamil which can be easily understood even by any lay man who knows only Tamil. If the Sivayogi Sundaran delivered the nine Vedha Agamams through his own body the expressions, language, and the method of delivery will be in high standard and it will be difficult to understand the meaning of Vedha Agamam by common people. Hence it was decided by lord Shiva to deliver the Vedha Agamams through the Shepherd Moolan’s body.
                   But it was stated that Thirumoolar went through a period of one year in yoga to deliver just one Thirumandhiram i.e. four lines or 16 words approximately. Moolan’s body was just an instrument to deliver the Thirumandhiram to the lay public. Thus it was that the Mouth of shepherd Moolan uttered the words of Vedha Agamam in colloquial Tamil. One Thirumandhiram for one year- thus it took three thousand years to complete the delivery of 3000 Thirumandhirams and all these uttered directly from the soul of Sivayogi Sundaran through the mouth of the shepherd Moolan. Each and every word of Thirumandhiram is alive till date in the ether. Hence it was declared in Thirumoolar history subheading 85th Thirumandhiram,   

“Nan petra inbam peruga ivvaiyagam
Wan patri nindra marai porul sollidien
Voon patri nindra vunarvuru Mandhiram
Than patra patra thalai padum thane”

Thirumoolar observed that the pleasure of acquiring Astamasiddhi as enjoyed by him was available to all in the world. There are no restrictions. The words delivered as Thirumandhiram by Thirumoolar is available in the Ether(Akasam) till date. The meaning and its significance will automatically reach the mind of the person who practices Thirumandhiram. Thus realization is feasible and available to everyone in the world. Thus the Thirumandhiram was offered to all mankind so that all human being could lead a very happy and holy life and also acquire all pleasures of life and even attain self-realization.

Limitless Possibilities for the Human Being:
                             It is quite possible for a human being to live in this world for three thousand years. Let us consider a simple calculation. The human body functions by means of current (Electricity), Heat, light, and energy. That is called as Pranan. The Lungs are functioning and respiration takes place making the heart function. So the blood circulates to every part of the body. All the organs are functioning by means of Pranan (Electricity). For example
 The human being is living because his
  Lungs are functioning:
  Heart is functioning:
  Eyes are watching\seeing:
  Ears are listening:
  Thought functioning:
   Excretory function: and etc. For all functions current (Pranan) consumption is absolutely necessary for a normal man. Consumption of current (Pranan) may be taken as 100 units per day.

For a Yogi in Samadhi Consumption of current (Pranan) is comparatively very very low to an extent of not even a single unit per day since the bodily functions are kept to the very minimum while in a state of Samadhi.

Whereas a normal man lives for 60 years a Yogi can live ten times over which equals six thousand years!  So it is possible to live in the earth for thousands of years by means of maintaining the Samadhi state of mind.


He was essentially one and only one.  But he had a duality as he was with his grace. His blessings manifested in three dimensions, namely Athma (Pranan), Body, and Mind.
Realization of the mind was felt in four states, namely consciousness, dream, deep sleep, and super consciousness.  He was also seen as one who has won over five instincts  five senses and at the same time he was able to extend to the borders of seven worlds and realizing the earth, water, fire, air, space. The secret is that the sun, moon, pranan (Athma) and all the eight are manifest in the body itself. Thus we can define the body and the universe within the numbers one to eight.

Where is Athma?
The human body has 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, and 1 mouth feeling throughout the body.
Eyes are the seeing machine. Through the eyes one can be looking into the Athma. Ears are the hearing machines through the ears one can hear the Athma.  Lungs are functioning and air coming into the body and going out from the body. How are the lungs functioning? By means of current (Pranan). Tasting takes place by means of tongue and it is Athma which tastes.  Whole body is having the sense of feeling. Who realizes the feeling?  Once again it is the Athma(Pranan). To whom does the name of the person belongs.  It belongs to the Athma. When I call you by your name who exactly responds? Until Pranan is within your self all the functions take place. So the Pranan is current. If the Pranan leaves the body then there are no functions. The name of the person will be deleted and called as dead body. Every human being is connected with the air by means of respiration. If the body’s connection with air is disconnected then he is dead so pranan is my self. All functions take place in the body by means of pranan which is current that activates.

Even the total universe is functioning by means of Pranan. Sun also is activated by pranan.  The pranan (current) is the main reason why the whole universe functions. The planet, revolve by means of pranan, the gravity of earth and other planets are all due to pranan only. Hence pranan is Brahmam.


Akasam (Space) provides place for every matters in the universe. The in and out of everything is filled with Akasam (Space). Brahmam cannot and will not act independently. Every thing acts in Akasam(space). By eliminating Akasam and pranan rest could be classified as earth, water, fire, air. Even in these matters pranan is the  cause of action. It is so even in the case of animals and plants. The pranan alone is functioning. So the total function is due the presence of Pranan (current).

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