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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Laxman Temple,Sirpur,Chhattisgarh,India..

Relive history and let art steal your breath away as you visit one of India’s finest brick temples ever created, the magnificent Laxman temple. A remarkable product of unique Symmetry, precise construction and exquisite carvings, the Laxman temple is a portrayal of ageless art and devotion.

Explore Indian mythology as the beautiful Sheshnaag serving as an umbrella to Lord Vishnu catches your attention at the entrance. The ‘Panchrath’ type of a temple boasts of a Mandapa (shelter), Antral (passage) and the Garbha Griha (the main house). Exquisite carving work on pillars depicting religious segments like Vatayan, Chitya Gawaksha, Bharwahakgna, Aja, Kirtimukha and Kama Amalak breathe life into the exterior walls of the temple.  
The many incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Krishna leela ornamental symbols and erogenous pictures give the temple a uniquely sacrosanct appeal. It feels as if the walls, pillars, arches are telling stories of the Gods that hailed the rich land. Inside the main house, sits a beautifully crafted statue of Naagraj. Believed to be constructed by the mother of Mahashivgupt Balarjun Vasta, the Laxman temple was built in the memory of her husband Harshgupta in 650 A.D

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