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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Subconscious Mind: How Does It Affect Your Reality?

 Lorna Wilson
A human brain works on “thought patterns”, which are nothing but “programming” that has been indented into its neural network. You can also observe a definite “pattern” in some of the thoughts that are produced in the brain. For example, it’s possible that your brain is presently in the habit of creating a pattern of negative thinking, where it seems to give a negative flavor/connotation to all its interpretations – in this case your brain is subconsciously in the habit of looking at reality in a negative manner and at the root of all its negative thinking is a subconscious belief in some “core” negative thoughts.
The problem with subconscious patterns, is that you take it for granted and believe that it’s the truth of who you are. However, the truth is that “subconscious” patterns are simply thought patterns that have been thought so many times that they’ve become ingrained as an “auto” mode of functioning. You can become free of negative subconscious patterns in your mind, by becoming aware of them and dis-identifying with them through lack of interest/attention.
Identifying subconscious patterns in your mind
You must understand that subconscious patterns are always running in “auto” mode in the brain, because at some point you took these patterns to be the truth of your life and invested belief in them to the point where they became “ingrained” patterns.
When you think a thought long enough, it automatically goes into “auto” mode because the neural pathways for this thought become strongly embedded in the neural network of your brain. For example, when you learn to drive a car it’s a very conscious effort initially, but after a few months the patterns become so embedded in the brain that the whole action of driving becomes subconscious or “auto” mode.
Certain negative thoughts are running in “auto” mode in your brain, and these negative thoughts are usually the root cause of many negative perceptions and interpretations that you come up with in your daily life. Unless you identify and let go of belief in these subconscious negative thoughts, you will constantly be struggling with the negativity in your brain. A simple awareness of the subconscious negative patterns is enough to start becoming free of them.
Subconscious patterns are not hidden from your consciousness
“Subconscious mind” is simply a term used to point to thought patterns that are running on “auto” mode due to past attention/belief. These subconscious thoughts can be observed when you deepen your awareness of the mind, and you can observe how these core thoughts are underlying many of your perceptions and interpretations. The only challenge is that because subconscious thoughts are running on “auto” mode, you may start taking them to be the truth of your life and make it a part of your identity. But remember that every subconscious thought was once a “new thought” that you ingrained and believed.
Some example of subconscious negative thoughts are as below
– Good things never happen to me
– I need to compete with other people to succeed in life
- I cannot trust anyone
– Life is never easy
– It’s tough to make money
– I am an incompetent person or a bad person
– I am always exploited by others
You could’ve taken in these thoughts at any point in your life, and they may be running on “auto” mode in your brain presently. These “core” negative thoughts end up coloring your perception of reality and hence create new negative thoughts constantly.
Remember that there is no truth to negativity because life does not support it. Negative thinking only serves to impede and resist the movement of your life towards well-being. Allow your awareness to deepen and start seeing through all the subconscious negative patterns in your brain. Once you become aware of them, you can then start dis-identifying and dis-believing them. Also, you should start allowing yourself to align with thoughts of your desired reality. When you keep thinking a positive thought about yourself, or your life, it will soon become subconscious in your brain, and will start running on “auto mode”.

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