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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


The word aryan as explained in the Indian History says The aryans invaded the Indus civilization but The Scientific Research has clearly rejected the concept of aryan invasion as a baseless Theory.
Now its necessary to understand the origin of the word "arya". The word arya is basically taken from a sanskrit word 'acharya' meaning Scholar or a Teacher. The word arya has also been used in the vedic text (Rig veda) several times but as a suffix - जयोतिरिदअरयाय (Jyotiridaryaya). The word arya in sanskrit has never been a complete word but its just a suffix which is used in support of another word and no where in the vedas hav mentioned anything regarding the arya Migrants from any different place.

The Rig veda has clearly mentioned about the Sarasvati River where the vedic civilization had once flourished in the ancient era. Sarasvati in ancient Hindu culture is the Goddess of wisdom and the mythical Sarasvati river was recently discovered in the Northwest region of India.

The River Sindu & Sarasvati is a landmark and also True origin of vedic civilization The people of Indus were dependent on the River for agriculture and irrigation so The River played a significant role in the advancement of vedic culture in Indus region. The vedic literature is a cultural continuity of Indus Sarasvati civilization composed by maharishis of Indian subcontinent.
मुधा दिवो नाभिरगनिः पृथिवया अताभवदरतइ रोदसयोः | (RV - 1.059.02)
तं तव देवासो जनायजनता देवाँ वैसवनरा जयओतिरअरयय ||
murdha divo naghir agnih prathivya athabhavad arati rodasyoh |
tam tva devaso janayanta devam vaisvanara jyotir id aryaya ||

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