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Monday, August 8, 2016

The Dogmatic Physicalism of Pope Sean Carroll

RE: The Big Picture
Don’t be Fooled by THE BIG TALK. This book is a piece if 21st century closed minded dogmatic physicalism. Here’s the dogma: Physics has a theory called “the Core Theory.” It holds that everything is particle based. The Big Bang produced the particles, and we are all riding through time on the momentum of that “initial condition of the universe.” You are free to talk about having an immaterial mind, or consciousness, but you are Wrong. Every little thing is, and can only be, a collection of particles. The author can’t explain how that works, but he insists (in the book and to his audiences) that any story about consciousness, or self-awareness as immaterial is wrongheaded. Only stories that are compatible with The Core Theory of physics can be true, or anywhere near true.
This dogmatic doctrine raises at least two questions the book and author avoid, because they can’t answer them. One is, what makes the story told by physics – the Core Theory (that all is particles) – any more true than non-particle based stories? If you feel and experience that your self-awareness is something other than a bunch of tiny pieces of matter in your head, then you must be delusional, because only the story told by physics can be true.
Second, how is the theory that the “initial condition of the universe” causes and constitutes all, any different than God caused and created all? In short, this book is a parallel universe to Religion! The Core Theory dogma has no proof that your mind is a self-delusion, nor that something exists outside the puny minded demands that nothing can possibly exist unless it’s a collection of particles, held together by gravity, and set in motion by the Big Bang.
The Catholic Church claims Omniscience, and John Carroll wants to put Particle Physics in its place, with himself as the New Pope. Skeptics Beware! Contrary to its promises, this book will tell you nothing about “life,” and try to sell you on the idiotic claim that “meaning” is a bunch of particles swimming around in your brain. Carrol asks for your Faith. I wouldn’t give him that or my money!
William J. Kelleher, Ph.D.
Author of The Human Birth Defect