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Monday, August 8, 2016

Text messaging may Change How Our Brain Works

Recently, it has been reported that theta brain waves may also be present during text messaging. But it’s not just random theta brain waves – it’s a specific pattern of brain waves that falls within the frequency interval of theta brain waves. And apparently, it only occurs during text messaging, since it hasn’t been found during any other type of activities associated with speech, motor performance, concentration-attention, memory, and cognitive performance. This brain activity pattern has been named “the texting rhythm” and it seems to be a new technology-specific theta wave rhythm that occurs during texting.
Text messaging is a state of alertness that requires a concentrated form of enhanced mental activation associated with speech, visual perception, and specific fine motor skills. Furthermore, the smaller screen size of a smartphone may require a particularly high level of attention while sending a text message. It’s a very specific type of activity, which may account for its distinct brain wave pattern.