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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Imbalance created by emotional accumulation

“Sensitivity” is a nature in life-energy. Sensitivity simply means the capacity to “feel”. Sensory feelings (like the sense of touch) and emotional feelings are the two ways in which we experience sensitivity as a human being. Emotional feelings are created through our “perception”, basically they are created by what we feel about a thought, about a sensation or about an experience. In a simplistic sense, our feelings can be categorized as love, fear, joy, hatred, boredom and sexuality-based. Feelings are also “energy”, and they can get stored/accumulated when one is overly identified with them, or when one is trying to suppress them. Your identification, and suppression, are both forms of “focus” which cause the amplification of the energy of the feeling and causes the excess to get stored up as it does not find a release – this is what an emotional accumulation is all about. As a being/soul, you can have an emotional accumulation over several life-times depending on your level of unconsciousness.
The emotional accumulation becomes a problem for three reasons
1. Your emotional accumulation becomes a fuel for instigating your brain’s thinking
2. Your emotional accumulation creates resistance in your being towards inner wholeness/wisdom and causes you to move purely from the place of seeking relief from its pressure
3. A high, past, emotional accumulation (of a certain emotion like fear) causes you to feel “intolerant” towards that feeling (in your present), as it becomes too painful to handle. It’s like when the ballon is filled up with air, every ounce of air you add brings it to a point of bursting.
Letting go of your past emotional accumulation requires you to go through a phase of consciously allowing these stored-up “energies” to come up and be released – it feels unpleasant to sense these accumulated feelings come up in your consciousness, but without this conscious release the momentum just keeps regenerating itself.
All the three forces (ego-force, brain momentum and emotional momentum) get released, and you find a space of inner wholeness in your being, as you consciously allow their momentum to ebb away. It involves growing in awareness of their presence in you and then releasing their momentum in a state of allowing by letting go of your identification.…/