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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Estrogen vs Progesterone MIS-INFORMATION

This is a post which we just found in the Trans Support group on hormones which is probably the least ill informed of any such group.
She introduced it by saying, "A good simple video showing the effects of estrogen and progesterone,"
We don't know whether to laugh or to cry at this. It was posted by very bright member of the group who has actualy delved into the engineering, tinkering with dosages recommended by that quite a thorough technical manner.
And she is apparently taking dosages (as a target) that never descend into the normal range of CIS hormone level...and are only encountered with pre pregnancy and pregnancy it self.
At the same time we see this YouTube Video posted by the same brave lady.
The problem is that she, despite her rigor in measurement and tinkering with dosages, really does not either have the medical background for evaluation of this kind of YouTube Video or the "support" from the groups, either its members or admins, to realize this video is evaluate this video.
The fellow on here ( in the YouTube below( does NOT know a heckuva lot about Progesterone or Estrogen. He is a nice enough man, perhaps, but he is promoting a commercial venture/site that has to do with cortisol regulation as their principal product being merchandised
( THERE IS A LOT MORE WRONG HERE....and this guy actually is half right about the cortisol...just leaves out SPIRO BUT EVERY BIT OF INFORMATION IN THIS VIDEO IS OFF...OFF...OFF TARGET and is MIS-INFORMATION for those on HRT
HA HA HA...we do laugh at how the people who look at this will and do ignore that ALL his warnings are about the irregularity in cortisol causing all women's problems... and that is surely ignored by the members and viewers when they pump away with massive amounts of Spiro which essentiallly destroys the regularity of cortisol levels....but that is NOT MY POINT SPIRO Queens just keep on pumping till you cannot do so...or much else...well any more)
Half of what this guy says "May" be true and half of it IS sheer incompetence and ignorance. The trouble is that apparently most support group members over there believe the HALF of what he says that is VERY WRONG...and don't believe the HALF of what he says that is VERY RIGHT.

 We shall post on this soon enough...but we are frankly too busy to do that right now....and more truly we hope that some of you who either see this "burlesque video" here or have seen in another hangout...ROFL...where it has been posted by the person also pumpbing massive levels of Estradiol via formulas advocacted in that group....will actually THINK about this...and what he is saying and what it means to YOU.
Even better...why not ask your local Facebook Support Group hangout candystore....and see what they say...and why they all click 'LIKE" to this and 'LIKE " to the drowning of the brain with Esrogen, too.
We promise we will post on this...soon enough...but oddly enough we have decided to encourage some more thinking about these topics and this particular see if those folks in both groups...understand what is being done without medical knowledge and what is being even smart people over there....without medical knowledge.
Well..why do we do it? Well, we have to have some fun every now and then, too, don't we? 

Rachel Castalia Francon