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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brain Entanglement

The best I can tell, the "egoic mind" is a software program within the bio-computer brain. We aren't born with it but it develops as part of the brain cells' DNA blueprint. What's interesting is that we have a capacity to simply perceive or observe the software commands as its thoughts, concepts and projections, without following or acting out its directives. It's goal of course is the survival of the organism and ensuring its reproduction.
However our consciousness is of a spiritual nature as embodied through the five main chakras as the interface with the central nervous system. It is not dependent on the brain for its existence, but the quantum wave fields of the brain cause a powerful entanglement matrix with the consciousness especially via the crown chakra and ajna chakra; the seat of consciousness in the area of the pineal gland. The consciousness senses that it is inseparable from the body as a result. We call this the "I am my body" identity illusion.
It seems that if the crown chakra can emanate an electro-magnetic gamma wave field frequency over 40 hz. it can disentangle itself from the brain's software program's wave frequencies.
The closer to 80 hz. gamma wave frequency, the greater the success and likelihood of various ESP phenomena beginning to appear. I would suggest that the "Mind of Clear Light" is a non-brain phenomena that occurs well above 40 hz. gamma wave frequency.
Ordinary thinking and conceptualizing are both the brain's software processing of new perceptual data against a background of information stored in memory. The "Mind of Clear Light" has no thoughts or concepts and is completely non-conceptual and absent of any sense of personal identity as a self.
Initial practice in Dzogchen is the differentiating between the "Mind of Clear Light" and the interference patterns from the brain's software programs, called thoughts. When people have an "out of body" experience they momentarily recover their true, non-physical identity.
The greater the identity with the body the more one's existence becomes one of being an animal. It's obvious on this planet at least that most people are acting out of their animal brain software. And remember that the human animal has 96% the same chromosomes as chimpanzees, so we shouldn't be so shocked by how we see humans treating each other in the daily news reports.