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Friday, June 17, 2016

Enjoy Mongolian Music (Daiqing Tana (Haya) - Khokh Nuur (Qinghai Lake) (Blue Lake))

 Daichin Tana is an ethnic Mongol singer and she was born in Mongolian Town Delhii right next to the Blue Lake (Kok Nuur, Qinghai Lake) which is located in north-west region of todays China. “Haya” means ‘margin’ or ‘boundary’ in Mongolian. According to an ancient legend, at the boundary of the endless sky there is a gem called Haya that holds the radiance of all living things. It is said that the day Haya is discovered, all hatred will dissolve and love will spread throughout the entire world.
Song lyrics in English and Mongolian
Hairin zoolun molmiigeer namaig chi shirtedeg / I love the way you look at me with your lovely soft warm eyes
Harts duuren hairiig chini mederch bi jargadag / I'm in heaven when I feel your love in your eyes
Hailan tungalag usiig haran bi bayasdag / I enjoy looking at the pure blue lake
Haya uur shig tengeriig shirten bi chamtai l honoy l dee / Let's spend the night together by looking at the sky (haya)

Derged min ir, haluun amisgal hulee / Please come to me, I miss your warm breath
Denduu huleesen hairalsan chi ireesei / I missed you so much my love, please come to me