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Monday, May 23, 2016

Phytotherapy (herbal treatments)

Herbs have been used as drugs since ages, their medicinal powers were discovered either by experimenting or by chance. Now the medical agents in the herbs are used either directly or after some processing stages. There are also some synthetic and semi-synthetic medicines based on herbs (which currently constitute 95 % of all medicines on the market). Whatever the medicine is, either herbal or chemical, it is always better to choose the natural ones, to be careful and not to use any medicines unless that is really needed. The reason is that most medicines are in fact poisons but, when used in proper doses and in proper circumstances, they exhibit meditional qualities.

As far as the way a medicine acts and its side effects, natural (herbal) ones are always the best because those synthetic and semi-synthetic contain chemical substances that result in the liver over heating and make the liver tired. Live is one of the biggest organs in the body and, according to its functions, it can be considered one of the most important organs.

All medicines that we take, all chemicals that we breathe in with the air or preservatives in the food are subjected to metabolism in the liver and after a series of chemical processes in the liver are thrown away from the body either through the kidneys or via other ways (breathing, bile, skin, etc.). As a result, most chemicals are harmful to the liver, kidneys and other organs.

The most essential function of the liver is to provide energy to our everyday activities (both physical and mental). But the liver gets tired because of the medicines we use, chemicals in the food and in the air, etc. and cannot properly perform its functions. Also, because of the effect of those chemicals, toxic elements (free radicals) are formed in other cells of the body. As a result, one develops acute illnesses, like tiredness, stress, anger, headache as well as chronical, like early ageing, skin paleness, sluggishness, baldness.

Here we are going to explain how all kinds of our daily activities (taking herbal and chemical drugs, nutrition, using of cosmetics, lifestyle) affect our body and, as a result, our physical, emotional and spiritual being. We will explain how we can cure illnesses and improve our health most naturally without using any chemicals, just with the help of phytotherapy, natural nutrition and other natural methods.
How to prepare herbal teas:…/fytother…/herbal-teas.html

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