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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Safety Tips in Using an Excavator

Ground-moving projects pose a great danger to both pedestrians and the operators, thus the need for security precautions. A detailed understanding of how an excavator functions is the starting point to take the necessary precautions. 
necessary precautions. Note that safety begins with the individual operating the machine; thus, only a trained operator should operate an excavator.
Excavating specialists at Classic Hire give some safety tips that should be observed by operators who hire this valuable construction equipment in Perth.
Adequate Fuel
Just like any other machine, an excavator needs enough fuel to function smoothly. Low fuel levels may lead to an unexpected shutdown that could cause injuries or dangerously unstable situations. Visual inspection of the fuel levels before operating the excavator avoids such unfortunate predicaments.
Assessing the Ground
The site should be inspected for ditches, loose soil, and obstacles to avoid driving the excavator on unstable land. The operator should not position the excavator too close to the edge of the ditch to avoid tipping over. Additionally, workers around the site should vacate the area to avoid being trapped in the cave-in or tracks.
Positioning the Truck
The rule of the thumb states that the loading vehicle should be on the left side of the excavator (allows a 25-degree swing) such that the truck bed headboard faces the rear side of the excavator. This way the operator has clear visibility of what he is doing.
Avoid Creating an Undercut
An undercut occurs when the driver digs the ground beneath the excavator’s tracks. Undercuts often cause cave-ins that could cause serious injuries or death. Additionally, the operator should not exceed the allowed load limits for the buckets. Overloaded buckets may cause instability as the excavator may tip over.
These are just a few safety tips operators should observe when operating an excavator. Regular training of drivers, signallers, and pedestrians is equally important.

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