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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Simple exercise called super brain yoga or thoppukaranam Jai Ganesha

As per Indian tradition, Lord Ganesha is the First God we pray to start any activity and to start anything better, you need to have the balanced approach. We obtain it by doing this simple exercise called super brain yoga or thoppukaranam.
Remember, Gunjillu (in telugu) or thoppukaranam(Tamil) or super brain yoga used to be the punishment in school days. It is a thoughtful punishment, its is not a punishment rather correction after knowing the meaning and effect of super brain yoga. Any mistake is done by improper functioning of brain, either it is not active or we make it inactive. Thus super brain yoga or thoppukaranam was made a punishment in olden days to reactivate the brain.
In the West this is called as super brain yoga and several doctors suggest that this simple technique energises brain cells and neurons. Super Brain Yoga helps to balance the left and right brain of a human being. As we know the left brain is for Logical reasoning and the right brain takes decision based on emotions / intuitions. For a healthy balanced life the working of both sides of the brain should be balanced and this is exactly achieved by super brain yoga
Benefits :
Holding the ear lobes is actually an acupressure technique which will activate both the hemispheres of the brain. Pressing the palate of the mouth will complete the cycle of energy flow. The squatting position, along with breathing will activate both the basic and sex chakras and also allow upward flow of life energy, especially to both the hemisphere of the brain.…/super%20brain%20yoga…/up…/2013/12/sby-a-research-study.pdf…/articlesh…/20858954.cms

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