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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Creative Visualization Techniques

Creative visualization is about using your imagination to get what you want. Visualization is a form of self-hypnosis, using the power of positive thinking. We all use visualization techniques every day, whether we are aware of it or not. Visualization ability can be increased by practicing visualization exercises.
Visualization is what makes successful people successful, but unfortunately it is also what makes the losers losers. Too many people spend their lives visualising disaster and failure, and by focusing on the negative all the time they are training their minds to generate the very failure they are trying to avoid.
An effective visualization consists of a well worded affirmation combined with a clear image of what you want. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction.
Simple Visualization Technique
The basics of visualization are very simple.
Find a time during the day when you can set aside five to ten minutes.
Settle down somewhere comfortable and allow yourself to relax. (One way to do that is to tense and then relax your muscles, starting with your feet and moving up your body. Another way is to say or think the word 'relax' or 'relaxing now, more and more relaxed' with each breath out).
Relax until you reach a daydreamy kind of feeling.
Then, start visualising what you want.
It can be a new car, a loving relationship, an overseas holiday - anything at all. Whatever you choose, imagine every detail of what it would be like to have that thing, to use it, to be in it - really be there experiencing every aspect of it. Don't tell yourself it will happen, imagine it has happened, is happening right now, that you already have it.
Allow yourself to daydream what you would look like, how you are dressed, what you hear, see, taste, smell. Imagine who else would be there, what they would think, say, feel.
And then imagine how good you would feel.
Really indulge yourself.
Fill yourself with pleasure, pride, fulfillment, joy - whatever it is you want to feel.
Tell yourself, 'with every breath in, that feeling gets stronger and stronger'; 'with every breath in I am becoming more and more open to enjoying that feeling'; 'I deserve that feeling, I can have that feeling, I am having that feeling'. The more you can immerse yourself in good feelings the more likely it is that your vision will come true.
Repeat this exercise at least once every day; better: several times a day.

That's all there is to it. The more you practice, and the greater your emotional connection in the process, the faster it will come true. Everyone can learn to visualize.

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