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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


This ancient Shiv – temple is situated in NOHTA, District Damoh. This temple is 25 km away from Damoh and 84km from Jabalpur on the Damoh-Jabalpur road. It is believed that this place was called “NAOHATA” after nine “HATA”(market) during the ancient times. This place was once a famous trading center. This temple is known as “MAHADEV” and NOHTESHWAR” the temple was constructed during circa 950-60 A.D. . It is said that the credit for construction of this temple goes to Maharani NOHTA, the wife of king Yuraraj Dev-1 of Kalcuri dynasty. The temple was erected on a high platform. It consists of anchrath, Garbhagriha, Antral, Mandapa and Mukhmandapa the entrance in Mandapa is divided into five in which Gan,Mithun and Curved human figure Lotus stem are depicted the figure of Natesh Shiv in a very artistical manner .there are four main pillars the Mandapa and the Shikhara is small. The Shikhara of Garbhagriha is consisting Amalak.the iconography is more prominent and the depiction og Gaja Lakshmi is very beautiful in these sculptures aesthetic sense and epic is very prominent. The sculptures of Vyala is very interesting , several animals and birds figures are depicted as Vyata in which Gaj and Shuk Vyala are important in addition of this Sculptures of Harihara, Uma Maheshware Shiv Parvati ,Lakshmi Narayan, Brahma, Dikpala( Indra and Vaya) are also depicted. This sculptures of Chakrishwami and Ambika are found among join figures.

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