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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Neonatal Resuscitation ::

Neonatal Resuscitation is intervention after a baby is born to help it breathe and to help its heart beat. Neonatal resuscitation skills are essential for all health care providers who are involved in the delivery of newborns. Globally, about one quarter of all neonatal deaths are caused by birth asphyxia. Birth asphyxia is defined simply as the failure to initiate and sustain breathing at birth. Effective resuscitation at birth can prevent a large proportion of these deaths.
Key Messages :
1. Effective ventilation is the key to successful resuscitation.
2. The need for neonatal resuscitation at birth cannot always be anticipated or predicted.
3. At every birth, no matter how ‘low risk’, suitable equipment and staff must be available and prepared to resuscitate the newborn infant.
4. 10% of newborns require resuscitation.
5. Newborn resuscitation is a critical skill that requires constant practice.