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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ubiquitous fundamental fractal dimension to reality,

There exists a ubiquitous fundamental fractal dimension to reality,to the effect that,there is a never ending ontological chain in Experience.
In case of our Experience as we call it "Life" in its broadest sense possible,the richness of life depends directly on how many dimensions of that reality we can tap into and how much of them.
Lets have a thought experiment; Imagine a 2 year old child with a laptop.
He/she may not be even able to turn it on,but going towards the other end of our continuum we can imagine at least 2 distinct layers of reality going on under the skin of this square-shape flat object,Namely,Its digital ontology and the deeper ontological layer of "Cyber space."
Now what enables a person to interact with these sub-dimensional realities is the ability to use Interfaces,which allow him/her to map one ontological dimension onto another.Windows is a good example of an interface between the semantic and digital ontologies.Which in turn is the result of mapping physical ontologies of our physical Experience onto our Lexicon.
What allows humans to exist in a multidimensional and incredibly rich "World" in comparison with other units of consciousness is the multiplexity of their physical Experience,which itself is a consequence of ;first,the multiple forms of data collecting sensors,namely our senses,and second,the considerably higher and more complex storing and processing systems for the data.
It is obviously observable in the case of Human Languages.To an individual unequipped with the conceptual toolbox to either access the data or the necessary Lexicon to map and process the data packages and neither the instructions to map them onto physical reality(Grammar),he/she is completely blind to this dimension of reality.