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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Preventing Baldness does not have to mean Brain Damage

The Answer to the Finasteride Problem (and the issue of baldness) is not DENIAL of Finasteride's Toxic Effects on the Brain, but Development of a Topical Finasteride that Does NOT cause Brain damage but acts directly on the relevant Enzyme in the Hair cells themselves.
We have watched the suffering of men trying desperately to stave off Baldness and TG persons seeking more feminine hair appearance everyday on our Group Page and elsewhere.
We have been watching the brutally dumb stupidity of the medical profession which needlessly prescribes to Transgender Women Finasteride …and not only to prevent hair loss but to help with feminization and to allow them NOT to prescribe adequate amounts of Estradiol
As can be seen from the link to our previous post above, when Finasteride travels through the blood and then gets to the brain, the guys who use it are often unhappy, and sometimes more than unhappy. There is in fact a class action lawsuit that's been initiated to protect these men.
Finasteride not only diminishes libido which results from action of the converted DHT on androgen receptors in the brain, but the same alpha reductase inhibiting Finasteride, acts on progesterone in the brain and stops it from being converted to allopregnanolone which is essential in all persons, male or female. of all sexes, and all genders, to maintain emotional balance.
Yes, the very same enzyme the alpha-reductase that converts Testosterone to DHT and which must be blocked to prevent baldness, also converts the brain's essential Progesterone to Allopregnanolone which importantly modulates GABA receptors in a fascinating way to provide an ideal U shaped curved for emotional balance...which can be destroyed by either too much or too little conversion of Progesterone to its metabolite, Allopregnanolone.
Here is a very recent study on the vital role played by Allopregnanolone in preventing Mood Disorders
Without Allogprenanolone people suffer from anxiety, sleep disturbance and nightmares, and, in fact, immobilizing panic attacks at times. This panic and anxiety leads to intense depression when a person realize how his anxiety is out of control. This depression if far worse than depression over the feminizing side effects in guys who just want to stop losing their hair. They begin to lose their minds.
Here is a blog for men fighting baldness and finding that they are losing their minds to anxiety attacks and panic disorders
Transgender Women are prescribed the same finasteride pills, even in higher amounts, because they so urgently wish to stop their hair loss…and not make every day of their life “a bad hair day”…That is understandable as a it is for all women. However by taking Finasteride they are damaging their brains, possibly beyond repair.
And when you damage your brain for even a while, it leads to stupid and destructive actions which have consequences in real life and thus damage the way you live your life, possibly causing situations which cannot be resolved, friendships, jobs, family which are lost forever…..
Here the question, however, will be simpler for all of us to see. Why in the world are they giving an oral pill of Finasteride to prevent hair loss
What is the problem with Finasteride? It is used to prevent hair loss usually in balding men. ..and it likely has benefits for TG women as well. It is found to be much more effective than topically administered Minoxidil which does not have the same mode of action on the key enzyme involved.
Why is it a problem? Because giving any medication orally, which suppresses Testosterone conversion to DHT and spreading it throughout the body just to get to the hair is like using a shot gun or a nuclear attack to eliminate a few terrorists, the Testosterone molecules converted to DHT in the hair cells by the reductase enzyme working THERE.
Now, what might be the answer?
Those who have actually studied endocrinology seriously (and that regrettably does not include the physicians and endocrinologists on your local street corner or in your mall) know that the question of conversion of DHT is not one where we must find some central factory of conversion of Testosterone to DHT where all the body’s DHT is produced.and stop it at the core by infiltrating every blood vessel in the body.
They know that the conversion of Testosterone to DHT (in such tissues as the prostate, and the brain…and YES. IN THE HAIR CELL…is done locally in the skin tissue surrounding the hair cell. REPEAT. Indeed this discovery is one of the keys to understanding the causation and treatment of prostate cancer....and that is NOT by focusing on the conversion of T to DHT in the serum...but in the tissues of the prostate.
Indeed, there are studies which indicate an association between male pattern baldness and susceptibility to prostate cancer...…/testosterone-prostate-cance…
It would be perfectly consistent with a tendency for those two conditions to correlate NOT with serum testosterone and/or serum DHT levels but with intra-organ production of androgens. in both the hair and the prostate.
For information on the prostate see this compete recent study
THE FINASTERIDE really only works because, while it is ruining the rest of your body and brain some of it is also incidentally,reaching the hair cells where that small portion is causing the enzyme to no longer be produced and therefore preventing the atrophy of the hair cell and the resulting baldness.
This very same stuff that inhibited the alpha reductase enzyme in the hair cells, which is where you want it to act, also goes to all parts of the body, every organ system, including the brain. Dutasteride is even worse in its action on the brain.
So we must ask ourselves the question, which those in the pharmaceutical area are also asking and frantic to answer themselves. Isn’t it stupid to blast the entire body and the brain included in order just to get to your DHT being converted in the hair cells.
If anyone has any doubts that Finasteride as an oral preparation is poison for your brain, you only need look at the veritable stampede of pharmaceutical companies working on, testing in clinical trials, and striving to bring to market a topical Finasteride formulation. Surely they "know" something about the damage being done by Finasteride, don't they?
As far back as 2009 they were already working on this problem of finding a topical Finasteride. And you can see from the baldness blog up above how those complaints were starting even years before then.
So it’s that simple. The various pharmaceutical companies are all actively engaged in assessing whether a topical Finasteride, in some gel or equivalent preparation, can be provided to stop the destruction of lives by the Finasteride pill
Comparing the therapeutic effects of finasteride gel and tablet in treatment of the androgenetic alopecia.
CONCLUSION: The results of this study showed that the therapeutic effects of both finasteride gel and finasteride tablet were relatively similar to each other.
Topical minoxidil fortified with finasteride: An account of maintenance of hair density after replacing oral finasteride
More recently, in India as well, we see this
CONCLUSION: Of the 45 patients who underwent a continuous treatment for AGA, 84.44% maintained a good hair density with topical minoxidil-finasteride combination.
Topical finasteride can be considered for hair density maintenance after initial improvement with oral finasteride, thereby obviating the indefinite use of oral finasteride. (the only reason this conclusion states “after initial improvement’ is because the population which they found to experiment upon had already used oral Finasteride and then stopped using it in favor of the oral preparation for the next year_
Here is a very recent more high tech verification of the same principle:
Design and In Vitro Evaluation of Finasteride-Loaded Liquid Crystalline Nanoparticles for Topical Delivery
CONCLUSION: Present study demonstrates that drug release, permeation, and retention of FNS-loaded LCN were controllable by the amount of MO and additives. The encouraging results obtained from this study advocate that liquid crystalline system could be proposed as a viable alternative for the oral administration of FNS. This finding may open new door to formulate LCN for potential applications in dermo-cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.
And down below there seems to actually be a marketed product from India (where most of the above research and many other such studies have been done)
This product’s study is interesting and has some potential but it is not yet compelling. What is interesting is that there is a product in topical form apparently available from a pharmacy in India.
Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
A New Topical Formulation of Minoxidil and Finasteride Improves Hair Growth in Men with Androgenetic Alopecia…/a-new-topical-formulation-of-m…