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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Moment to Remember ,Korean Film

Film name : A Moment to Remember ,
Language : Korean,
Country : South korean,
Dur :117min,
Release Date : 5 Nov 2004,
About film :27-year-old fashion designer Soo Jin goes into a convenience store to buy a Coke, but accidentally leaves it on the counter. Remembering the Coke, Soo Jin walks back to the store and sees a man walking out of the store with a can of Coke. Soo Jin, believing the drink is hers, snatches it from the man's hand and downs the drink in one gulp. Later on the bus, Soo Jin remembersthat she also left her wallet at the convenience store. When goes back to retrieve her wallet, the clerk hands her the wallet and the can of Coke she left behind. Ooops.
One day, while surveying a construction site that her father is in charge of, Soo Jin sees the same man she mistakenly believed took her drink. The man's name is Chul Soo and is he the foreman at the construction site. Soo Jin begins to fall for Chul Soo and begins to woo him. A relationship develops and Soo Jin and Chul Soo eventually marries. Life seems great for the couple, but Soo Jin's forgetfulness worsens and she soon learns she a rare form of Alzheimer’s.

அருமையான காதல் காவியம்.,நாயகன்,
நாயகியின் நடிப்பால் உயர்ந்து நிற்கிறது,
** நடிகனாக நினைப்பவர்கள் கண்டிப்பாக பார்த்தே ஆக வேண்டிய படம்.
நாயகன் Woo-sung Jung வின் நடிப்பில் கலங்கி விட்டேன்...
இவரது கண்களில் கண்ணீரையும் உதட்டில் புன்னகையுமான இரண்டு காட்சிகளில் சிலிர்த்துவிட்டது.