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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Monkeys, money and prostitution

Two scientists from Yale University (economist and psychologist) decided to teach monkeys to use money. And they did it. The idea of money, as it turned out, can learn creatures with tiny brain and needs, limited to food, sleep and sex. Capuchins, where an experiment was performed, are zoologists among the most stupid primates.
"At first glance, it really seems that they are in life nothing more is needed. You can feed them with superkame all day, and they will come and go, come and go at them constantly. So you think that the Capuchins - walking stomachs", say the researchers.
American ecology conducted an experiment on the introduction of labor relations in the flock of the Capuchins. They came up with in a cage "work" and "universal equivalent" - money. The job was to pull the lever with the effort to 8 kilograms. Considerable effort for small monkeys. For them this unpleasant work.
With each push of a lever monkey was to get a bunch of grapes. Once the Capuchins have learned a simple rule "work = reward", they introduced an intermediate agent - colored plastic rings. Instead of grapes, they began to receive the tokens of a different "face value". For white tag you could buy from people one bunch of grapes, for the blue - two, red - glass of soda and so on.
Soon the monkey's society is stratified. He felt the same types of behavior as in the human community. Appeared workaholics and bums, bandits and drives. One monkey managed ten minutes to click the lever of 185 times! Very money would earn. Someone preferred work racketeering and took the other.
But most importantly, noted experimenters: the monkeys revealed those traits that were not previously apparent greed, cruelty and rage in defending their money, suspicion of each other.
In continuation of the study of economic behavior, monkeys handed other "money" in the form of a silver discs with a hole in the middle. In a few weeks Capuchins have learned that for these coins you can get some food.
The experimenter, who in his youth was fond of Marxism, did not verify whether the work makes a monkey in a man. He just gave the monkey these coins and taught to use them to buy fruits. Before that I knew who that loves to be set for each of monkeys scale of preferences.
First, the rate was unified for sour Apple and brush sweet grapes asked the same number of coins. Of course, Apple is not a success and the volume of grapes was melting. But the picture changed dramatically, when the price of apples has dropped. After quite a long confusion monkeys decided almost entirely to spend coins on apples. And only occasionally allowed himself to eat the grapes.
One day, when all the test animals in a common space already knew that some things are more expensive, while others are cheaper, one of the monkeys had penetrated into the Bay, where they kept the municipal office and assigned all the coins themselves, fighting off people who tried to Rob her of metal production. So the monkey did the first "Bank robbery".
Among monkeys and got out of the counterfeiters. Once scientists are cut out of the cucumber similar to the currency of the apes circle. First Capuchin began to chew but then I tried to buy these "fake money" something tastier.
Some more days passed, and Capuchins discovered the phenomenon of prostitution. Young male gave a coin to the female. Scientists thought, fell in love and made a gift. But no, the girl came for money with knight in a sexual relationship, then walked to the window, which was on duty scientists, and bought them a few grapes.
All were satisfied: and monkeys, and scientists. Monkeys have mastered the liberal-capitalist relations, and scientists defended his doctor.…/5879-monkeys-money-and-prostituti…

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