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Friday, August 7, 2015

14 Things You Will Learn from People Who Drive You Crazy

Do you know that there are things we can learn from people who drive us nuts?
It is true that no one likes to be associated with annoying people who would step on toes and push us to the wall. Nevertheless, these kind of people cause changes in our lives. They make us to grow. So what lessons can we learn from annoying people?

Here are 14 lessons you can learn from people who drive you nuts:

1. Responsibility
You become accountable. They make you responsible for your actions. You understand that you might not change them or even try and make them your project (If you do, they will drain your strength) but you can take charge of every situation (be it an argument) and be calm.

2. Perseverance
You are tired of the nagging and complaining but as time goes on, if you don’t give up to your attacking emotions. You will learn to develop an absorber; a tough skin that won’t be cracked by any form of pressure.

3. Confidence
When you are able to solve the problems of these kind of people, you will boost your confidence. If you can answer their presupposed difficult question, then plans become stronger.

4. Focus
You will learn not to be distracted by the baggage of these annoying people. You will focus on what matters and sometimes you would have to work with them just to achieve your goals. That’s focus.

5. Creativity
Dealing with humans takes a lot of ingenuity. If you can master how to deal with conflicts and promote productivity in a company or business working with different personality sets, then you are most treasured.

6. Humility
Annoying people do make you appreciate your uniqueness. You come to thank your stars that you are not in their shoes.

7. Curious
You will see things from different angles. You will never assume or argue without considering all the facts. You will understand what they perceive of themselves and they will make you better understand yourself.

8. Love
If you embrace love and see with its lens, then you will try to figure what makes them tick. You might discover that you sometimes might be annoying so with empathy, you are able to feel and understand what it means to be annoying.

9. Appreciation
You will learn that there is nothing crazy about being pushed to the wall. Yep! you sometimes must express yourself and there is beauty in being You.

10. Self Control
As revealed in #1, two wrongs don’t make a right. Life sometimes does not have to be a sprint. It is not about who is right or wrong so you will have to understand that you don’t try to use annoyance and relate with an annoying person; that just brings more rage.

11. Tolerance
There is supposedly a threshold in every man; you might want to discover your threshold or know to what extent you can sustain being calm and in control because in time you might be in charge of annoying people and trust me, you will be tested and tried.

12. Being Open Minded
The most successful leaders are those that are very flexible. Rather than make rash decisions, they are more open and not so pushy. They understand that relationship takes time to build and foster so they will rather build a relationship than demand authority.

13. Inspire
You will learn to either inspire people to greatness and productivity or inspire them to be angry, worn out, spent and uncooperative. It is your choice.

14. Hate
How sad when annoying people get to you. You will despise them and wish that they were never born or you can choose #8.

It’s Your Turn
What lessons did annoying people teach you? Are there any strategies that you have used to deal with such kind of people

 Ikechi Awazie