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Monday, July 13, 2015

Education described by Canakya Pandita

What is the education? What is the symptom of education? That is described by Canakya Pandita, matrvat para-daresu. The first educational symptom is that except one’s own wife, any woman is mother. This is the first symptom of education. Matrvat para-daresu para-dravyesu lostravat. And other’s property and money is just like garbage in the street.
Not very many years, say, about hundred years ago… You have heard the name, the Kashmir state. The Kashmir state was so strict, if somebody had stolen others’ property and it is proved, the thief’s hands will be cut off. Still, I think, in Arabia there is. This is a strict law. So if some golden ornament is lying on the street, out of this fear—and people were simple at the time—they will not touch. Exactly like garbage they will not touch. It was lying on the street. The law was that nobody should touch.
If some golden ornament is there, the actual proprietor, he will come and pick it up. You do not require to assist him also, taking, “I shall pick it up” No, you cannot touch. If you touch, your hands will be cut off. So if one learns this habit, that others’ property, others’ money is just like garbage, nobody touches… Matrvat para-daresu para-dravyesu lostravat, atmavat sarva-bhutesu. And one who thinks like himself sarva-bhu…, all living entities. What is that? If I prick you, then you feel some pain, so why should you prick others? This is called atmavat. What you feel yourself… If somebody cuts your throat, do you feel very happy? No. Then why should you cut throat of others, other animals or human beings? So these three things, Canakya Pandita has said that this is, if one has learned these three things, he is learned. Not that he has got a university degrees, no. Matrvat para-daresu para-dravyesu lostravat, atmavat sarva-bhutesu.
Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.1.22
by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Chicago, July 6, 1975